Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – April 14th 2012

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – April 14th 2012

Texas Christian school fires unwed pregnant teacher…, Tomorrow…, Hundreds of dogs have been put down…, Comcast accidentally changes…, Memorials for dead bugs…, Drinking 2 Beers Makes You Clever…, Cat finds its way to home…, Vermont governor outruns 4 bears…, money in the freezer…, Man accused of killing wife…

1. Unable to burn her at the stake, Texas Christian school fires unwed pregnant teacher.

A Christian school in Texas has fired an unmarried science teacher because it claimed she was not a good “Christian role model” — even after she offered to get married. Cathy Samford, who is now 39 weeks pregnant, told ABC News that she was “totally shocked” when Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall, Texas fired her from her job as a science teacher and volleyball coach after they discovered she was pregnant late last year.

Cathy Samford fired from Christian school over pregnancy (ABC News)

2. Tomorrow

3. Hundreds of dogs who have protected soldiers on the front line in Iraq and Afghanistan have been put down by the British Government after serving in the army. It’s not about British condition; it’s about human condition.

Hundreds of brave dogs who have protected soldiers on the front line have been put down after serving in the army, it has been revealed. The loyal animals are often seen as too fierce to be retrained as pets later, with 807 destroyed in the past decade.

Dogs of war: Canines have become a vital tool in the war against terror

4. Comcast accidentally changes local television channel to porn.

Comcast viewers got more than they bargained for between 4:15 till roughly after 7:30 a.m. on Thursday. KRDO NewsChannel 13’s signal was bumped off for programming that included porn, a technical difficulty billboard, and infomercials.

5. Memorials for dead bugs.

6. Study: Drinking 2 Beers Makes You Clever

If you’re hung up on a brain-twizzling problem, crack a brew. A new study from the University of Illinois suggest that, contrary to common belief, alcohol’s buzz might actually improve your problem-solving skills.

 7. Cat finds its way home after missing for 3 weeks and having 2 broken legs

The 18-month-old ginger tabby cat was missing for nearly three weeks before he managed to limp home to Haughley with two broken legs. Owner Kara Hayward, 38, believes he was injured in a hit and run after going missing on March 11.

8. Vermont governor outruns 4 bears…barefoot.

Barefoot and bold, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin outran four hungry bears vying for the birdfeeders hanging from his backyard porch — and won.

9. Why would you keep your money in the freezer as opposed to the mattress?

The Marist poll showed that 27 percent of Americans preferred to literally freeze their assets, compared to 11 percent who chose to sleep on their savings. “One in ten — 10 percent — buries their dough in the cookie jar while nine percent leave their loot in some other household location,” Marist said in a statement.

10. Man accused of killing wife after she said ‘Why don’t you just shoot me?’ | Seattle

A Hoodsport man is accused of killing his wife Thursday after she allegedly said during an argument “Why don’t you just shoot me?” The Mason County Sheriff’s Office said the couple had been fighting and arguing for several hours Thursday.

Man accused of killing wife after she said 'Why don't you just shoot me?'

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