Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – February 13th 2012

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – February 13th 2012

Disturbing domestic violence Valentine’s Day cards, Man this is sad…, 7 murders that happened on Valentine’s Day…, White people love chicken…, 400-year-old witchcraft trial resumes…, Let me prove that I can make you a NEW man…, These puppet-blanket-things sure look…, ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ trailer…, Dr. Seuss taxidermy is equal parts disturbing and charming…, Real original Valentine’s Day : Lupercalia or ‘Wolf Festival’….

1. Disturbing domestic violence Valentine’s Day cards

2. Man this is sad… 

He held his newborn baby for less than an hour before he died.

Mark Aulger, 52, had been diagnosed with colon cancer, and months of chemotherapy had left his lungs badly damaged — so damaged that by mid-January he only had a few days left to live. Doctors suggested that Aulger’s wife, who was eight months’ pregnant and due Jan. 29, induce labor.

3. 7 murders that happened on Valentine’s Day. Happy Singles Awareness Week everyone!

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and passion. But what happens when that love and passion take a turn for the worst? We’ve all heard the term “crime of passion” and the following list is an extreme example of that term told in seven true stories. These seven people took that whole “love you to death” thing really, really, seriously. This is a list of murders committed on Valentine’s Day that made the news in recent memory.

4. White people love chicken !!!

5. 400-year-old witchcraft trial resumes in Germany

Katharina Henot suffered her fiery fate in Cologne in 1627 after being found guilty of practicing black magic. Arrested, and tortured to such an extent that the right-handed woman had to scrawl her last letter of defence with her left hand, she was eventually paraded through the city in an open cart before being tied to a stake and burnt.

6. Let me prove that I can make you a NEW man!!!  

7. These puppet-blanket-things sure look…tired  

8. ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ trailer

20th Century Fox released the latest trailer for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” much to the delight of fans who like their bloodsuckers to glitter less and bite more. Based on the popular mashup novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, the movie stars “Flags of Our Father” actor Benjamin Walker as Lincoln out for revenge on vampires who butchered his mother.

9. Dr. Seuss taxidermy is equal parts disturbing and charming

Sculptor Carl Turner has created a series of half-realistic, half-fantastical mounted animal heads that were seemingly poached out of a Dr. Seuss book. According to Turner’s back story for this project, these extinct specimens were acquired by zoologist Erasmus P. Jiggins and Sir Bartholomew Scoffer during an 1863 expedition to a lost island somewhere in the Pacific.

Dr. Seuss taxidermy is equal parts disturbing and charming

10. The real original Valentine’s Day : Lupercalia or ‘Wolf Festival’

Lupercalia was a very ancient, possibly pre-Roman pastoral festival, observed on February 13 through 15 to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility. Lupercalia subsumed Februa, an earlier-origin spring cleansing ritual held on the same date, which gives the month of February its name.



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