Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – February 15th 2012

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – February 15th 2012

Cardiac arrest while eating a Triple Bypass Burger in Restaurant…, I love my wife My wife is dead…, The Funniest Video on YouTube…, Man Found with 10,000 Pairs of Women’s Underwear…, Babies can understand what you’re saying at just 6 months old…, Cockroach Gives Birth Video…, Tiny lizards found in Madagascar of just 29 mm…, A Man been digging out his basement for 15 years…, Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom out of Me…, 3117 Coins Stacked on One Dime…

1. Customer Suffers Cardiac Arrest while eating a Triple Bypass Burger in Restaurant called the Heart Attack Grill

The inevitable happened when a customer suffered a cardiac arrest in the chain’s Las Vegas branch on Saturday. The Triple Bypass Burger contains three slabs of meat, 12 rashes of bacon, cheese, red onion, sliced tomato and the Heart Attack Grill’s own ‘unique special sauce’. And that’s before taking into account the accompanying ‘Flatliner Fries’, cooked in pure lard, and a giant soft drink.

Scantily-clad: A waitress leaves little to the imagination. Heart Attack Grill meals can exceed 8,000 calories

2. I love my wife My wife is dead

In June of 1945, Arline Feynman — high-school sweetheart and wife of the hugely influential physicist, Richard Feynman — passed away after succumbing to tuberculosis. She was 25-years-old. 16 months later, in October of 1946, Richard wrote his late wife the following love letter and sealed it in an envelope. It remained unopened until after his death in 1988.

3. Google Thinks This Is the Funniest Video on YouTube

You may have wondered in the past what the funniest video to appear on YouTube is. I bet, whatever criteria you used, you wouldn’t choose this one. Which is odd, because according to Google’s Comedy Algorithm, it should have us all in stitches.

4. Thai Man Found with 10,000 Pairs of Women’s Underwear

a man in Thailand who was arrested for possession of 10,000 pairs of women’s underwear pushed the envelope far beyond the realm of the acceptable. “He smelled them all the time, even while driving,” said police Major General Saroj Promcharoen.

man steals panties Thai Man Found with 10,000 Pairs of Women’s Underwear picture

5. Babies can understand what you’re saying at just 6 months old

Evidence continues to accumulate that just because an infant can’t speak, doesn’t mean it can’t grasp what’s being said in its presence. In fact, new research suggests that babies may be capable of understanding many common nouns months earlier than we once thought possible.

 6. Hissing Cockroach Gives Birth Video

7. Tiny lizards found in Madagascar

One of the world’s tiniest lizards has been discovered by keen-eyed researchers in Madagascar. The miniature chameleon, Brookesia micra, reaches a maximum length of just 29 mm. They mostly live in the leaf litter in the day… But at night they climb up and then you can spot them.

A juvenile of Brookesia micra standing on the head of a match (c) Jorn Kohler

 8. Since 1997, a Canadian man has been digging out his basement with Remote Controlled, Scale-model Construction equipment

A Canadian guy named Joe has been digging out the basement of his house using nothing but radio-controlled scale model construction equipment… since 1997. Yes, you read that right — he’s been digging out his basement for 15 years — with nothing but little R/C tractors, diggers and even a miniature rock crusher! Amazing…

9. PETA Ad Warns That Going Vegan May Cause You To Be So Good In Bed You’ll Hurt Your Girlfriend

Did you know that becoming a vegan will turn a man into such a s*xual powerhouse that his girlfriend will require a neck brace? That is the message from a new PETA ad that has drawn reactions ranging from “haha” to “abuse is not funny.” It’s supposed to be about a little-known syndrome known as BWVAKTBOOM, or more precisely, “Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom out of Me… a painful condition that occurs when boyfriends go Vegan and can suddenly bring it like a tantric porn star.”

10. 3,117 Coins Stacked on One Dime

Got nerves of steel, thousands of coins, and seven hours to kill? No? How about four minutes and a web browser? Okay, perfect. In this video, YouTube dude Tai Star stacks “600 quarters, 501 dimes, 313 nickels, 1699 pennies, [and] 5 foreign coins” all resting on a single original dime. This is the kind of thing that makes me tense and fascinated at the same time. Behold:

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