Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – July 7th, 2012

Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – July 7th, 2012

Genes Responsible For Bre*st Size…, great ad for an electric car…, water poker…, Fed-up officer says ‘enough…, Self-proclaimed Jedi in Flint…, Two guys on a scooter spray…, Bear gets stuck in 3-month-old Honda…, Little girl that took 6 bullets…,  tombstone falls…, Christian Food…

1. BREAKING: Genes Responsible For Bre*st Size Identified!

Researchers have identified seven genetic markers linked with a woman’s bre*st size, according to a new study. While it’s was known that bre*st size is in part heritable, the study is the first to find specific genetic factors that are associated with differences in bre*st size, the researchers said.

2. German student makes a great ad for an electric car. Then Nissan AND Renault steal his idea and air almost identical ads – just days apart from each other

Rival electric-car makers — Nissan’s Leaf and Renault’s ZE — are airing strikingly similar new commercials based on the idea that electricity is better than gas, illustrated by vignettes from everyday life showing a range of familiar electrical appliances awkwardly powered by gas.

3. Girl drinks herself to death in ‘water poker’

The girl had drunk six litres of water in the game, and was pronounced dead in her home town after being declared brain dead in Sweden following the incident. The school children played the game on the Åland islands located between Sweden and Finland, with the rules being that the loser of each hand on poker had to down a whole glass of water.

4. Fed-up officer says ‘enough,’ starts senior outreach program

Shortly after joining the Lake Mary Police Department in 2007, Zach Hudson was dispatched to the home of two elderly women. What he saw left him appalled. The two women — a mother in her 90s and a daughter in her 70s — had no food and no electricity. Each month, they alternated what they spent their small amount of money on: One month it would be medicine, the next it would be food and bills.

5. Self-proclaimed Jedi in Flint, Michigan, has built more than 1,000 lightsabers

Adam Churchill has come a long way from the curling irons he used as a kid to recreate epic Star Wars battles. Now 44, the Flint artist spends his days carefully recreating lightsabers using electrical equipment, metal parts, stones, crystals and other odds and ends scattered around a workshop he keeps crammed with boxes, tools and oddities.

6. Two guys on a scooter spray frat bros with bear repellant, then promptly crash when it blows back on them.

Boulder police arrested two men Wednesday who they say sprayed a woman and a group of fraternity members with bear repellent while riding on a scooter, then crashed when the spray blew back on them. At about 8:30 p.m., officers driving along 17th Street were waved down at the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house, 911 17th St. According to a police report, officers said the fraternity lawn was “complete chaos,” with 10 to 15 members out on the lawn, many in noticeable pain. The members said two men on a scooter had sprayed them with something while they were driving by, according to the report.

 7. Bear gets stuck in 3-month-old Honda Element and trashes it

Somehow a Bear in Colorado was able to open the back hatch of a Honda Element and let himself in. Unfortunately for Taylus, the vehicle’s owner, the bear did not exit out the same way it came in. On Friday, June 29th, Taylus heard his car’s horn blaring and other loud noises at around 3 in the morning. The noises continued for an hour and half, at which point, Taylus finally decided to investigate.

8. Little girl that took 6 bullets defending her mother in 2007 now making a full recovery.

In December of 2007, Selietha Parker and her 7-year-old daughter, Alexis, decided to stay with a friend that evening due to their heat not working (which in Detroit, means your home has basically turned into an ice box). When her friend, Aiesha Ford came to pick them up, Selietha’s ex-boyfriend, Calvin Tillie, ambushed the group. He took the trio hostage at gunpoint, forced them into a car, and told Salietha’s friend to drive.

9. Boy, 4, dies after tombstone falls on him in Utah

A 4-year-old boy is dead after a large tombstone toppled onto him while his family and some friends gathered to take pictures at a historic cemetery in a Utah ski resort town. Carson Dean Cheney was at the Glenwood Cemetery in Park City on Thursday evening when the 6-foot-tall headstone detached from its base and fell on him, Park City police Capt. Phil Kirk said Friday. The headstone was about 4 inches thick and weighed hundreds of pounds.

10. Egyptian Islamists Ban Tomatoes for Being a “Christian Food”

An Islamic group said tomatoes are forbidden to eat because they are a “Christian food,” according to a report The “Popular Egyptian Islamic Association” posted on Facebook that the tomato “praises the cross instead of Allah,” claiming that the interior of a tomato resembles a cross when the tomato is cut in half.

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