Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – March 29th 2012

Spain’s high-class hookers ban s*x…, At first I was sad…, The hipster moment…, window-cameos…, NYC bans offensive words like “birthday”…, Man cuts off foot…, 100-year-old light bulb…, Lorax statue…, Teratogenic Effects…, Vicar hospitalised with potato…

1. Spain’s high-class hookers ban s*x with bankers ‘until they provide more credit for cas…

Spain’s high-class escorts are refusing to have s*x with the nation’s bankers – until they open up credit lines to cash-strapped families and firms.

On strike: Spain's high-class escorts are refusing to have s*x with the nation's bankers until they open up credit lines to cash-strapped families and firms (file picture)

2. At first I was sad, but then it made my day :) 

3. “The hipster moment did not produce artists, but tattoo artists. It did not yield a great literature, but it made good use of fonts.”

If I speak of the degeneration of our most visible recent subculture, the hipster, it’s an awkward occasion. Someone will point out that hipsters are not dead, they still breathe, they live on my block. Yet it is evident that we have reached the end of an epoch in the life of the type. Its evolution lasted from 1999 to 2009, though it has shifted appearance dramatically over the decade. It survived this year; it may persist. Indications are everywhere, however, that we have come to a moment of stocktaking.

4. All the window-cameos from the old Batman TV series

In this compilation video, Loomyaire compiles all fourteen of the “window cameos” from the Adam West Batman TV series, in which real-life personages and characters from other TV shows popped out of windows while Batman and the Boy Wonder were scaling a building-face and traded Laugh-In style quips with the heroes.

 5. NYC bans offensive words like “birthday” and “dinosaur” from standardized tests

The word “dinosaur” made the hit list because dinosaurs suggest evolution which creationists might not like, WCBS 880′s Marla Diamond reported. “Halloween” is targeted because it suggests paganism; a “birthday” might not be happy to all because it isn’t celebrated by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

6. Man cuts off foot, throws it in furnace to avoid job assignment

Hours before unemployment officials were to determine whether he was physically fit for work, an Austrian man sawed off his left foot with an electric saw, Austrian broadcaster ORF reported.

7. Turning on a 100-year-old light bulb

Incandescent lights work by turning heat into light. You run an electric current through a filament, the filament heats up, and as it does, it starts to glow. The basic element has been around since 1809. The trick is finding material for a filament that will get hot enough to glow, but won’t destroy itself too quickly. In fact, that’s really the breakthrough Thomas Edison brought to the table in 1879.

8. Lorax statue taken from home of Dr. Seuss’s widow

SAN DIEGO They took the Lorax, made of bronze, the thieves they came, and now he’s gone. A 2-foot statue of Dr. Seuss’ Lorax character was stolen from the San Diego backyard garden of the 90-year-old widow of the beloved author whose real name was Theodore Geisel.

 9. Teratogenic Effects of Pure Evil in Ursus Teddius Domesticus

This brilliant poster is the work of Allison Lonsdale. She made it for the 2010 San Diego ConDor. You can get a closer look at the poster and its text on the ConDor site. The photo is the work of Jerry Abuan. Thanks to all the readers who filled in the blanks on this amazing work of wonderous awesomeness!

 10. Vicar hospitalised with potato up his bum.

The clergyman, in his 50s, told medical staff at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital that the accident was definitely not due to a s*x game.