Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – May 03rd, 2012

1 in 7 people think the end of the world…, Someone Left the Door to Mexico [Pic]…,  Instead of making a crappy movie…, Man Imprisoned for Drugs Almost Dies…, The Potato Letters…,  Iron Maiden frontman is starting an aircraft business…, Shark with laser on head…, Energy and Sports Drinks…, Woman ordered to return $1 M…, The B.C. hang-glider pilot…

1. 1 in 7 people think the end of the world will occur during their lifetime, with 1 in 10 fearing the Mayan prophecy will come true.

The end of the Mayan calendar, which spans about 5,125 years, on December 21, 2012 has sparked interpretations and suggestions that it marks the end of the world. “Whether they think it will come to an end through the hands of God, or a natural disaster or a political event, whatever the reason, one in seven thinks the end of the world is coming,” said Keren Gottfried, research manager at Ipsos Global Public Affairs which conducted the poll for Reuters.

2. Uhh, Someone Left the Door to Mexico [Pic]

So yesterday, one of the guys here at KLAQ was kind enough to show me around town a little bit. I’ve heard so much about Juarez, but in all my trips to El Paso, this was the first time I ventured to the border. Since my Passport was expired, I couldn’t cross the border, but I did peer in. We went up to the fence in one spot and saw this:

3. Instead of making a crappy movie based on fake events, Hollywood should have used the real story of Edgar Allan Poe writing about a ship’s cabin boy getting cannibalised…and how it came true.

This weekend, a movie was released called ‘The Raven.’ The plot revolves around Edgar Allan Poe (played by John Cusack) helping the police track down a serial killer who is emulating the killings and/or death that could be found in Poe’s writings.  Eventually, the serial killer makes things personal and goes after Poe’s love interest, Emily, played by Alice Eve.

4. Man Imprisoned for Drugs Almost Dies after Being Forgotten in Jail Cell

Daniel Chong was swept up during a drug raid in San Diego on 21 April, and placed in a 5ft (1.5m) by 10ft cell, where he was forgotten. Mr Chong said he lost 15lb (7kg) and was hallucinating by the third day.

5. “The Potato Letters: Josh Fonner Writes to ‘I Can Count to Potato’ Victim” AKA, My first freelance article!

Slacktory’s Brad O’Farrell wrote about Heidi Crowter, the girl whose picture was used in the “I can count to potato” meme, and whom the Sun recently irresponsibly publicized. I asked Josh Fonner, who gave several interviews this year about being used in two mean “fat” memes, to write some advice from one meme victim to another.

6. Iron Maiden frontman is starting an aircraft business, skies to ROCK in near future!

Leading one of metal’s most iconic and legendary outfits, Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has managed to effectively split his time between the band and his career as a commercial airline pilot for several years. Now, he hopes to turn his passion for flying into hundreds of new jobs in Wales. After losing his pilot job last year when Astraeus Airlines went under, Dickinson has now launched a new firm called Cardiff Aviation Ltd. that will take up shop in the Twin Peaks Hangar at St. Athan, Vale of Glamorgan. Cardiff Aviation Ltd. aims to serve as a maintenance business for aircraft carriers.

 7. Shark with laser on head, released into the ocean

Dr. Evil may have his request finally met after marine biologist Luke Tipple attached a 50-milliwatt green laser to a lemon shark last month. The “evil plot” was hatched by Wicked Lasers, a Hong Kong-based company that produces some of the strongest handheld lasers consumers can buy, to test an attachment clip Tipple is working on.

8. Energy and Sports Drinks Can Permanently Damage Teeth after Only 5 Days

Dentists are warning that the high acidity levels in popular sports and energy drinks can cause irreversible damage to teeth by eroding outer tooth enamel, according to a new study that also found an alarming increase in the consumption of these teeth-damaging drinks, especially among adolescents.

9. Woman ordered to return $1 M after finding a winning lottery ticket in the trash

An Arkansas woman who cashed a $1 millionlottery ticket may have to give up the winnings to a woman who threw away the ticket after she bought it, according to a judge’s ruling Tuesday. The judge decided that Sharon Duncan was entitled to the prize money, not Sharon Jones, who claimed the prize money after she took the ticket from a trash can of discarded lottery tickets at a convenience store in Beebe, a city about 40 miles northeast of Little Rock.

10. The B.C. hang-glider pilot whose passenger fell from his aircraft to her death Saturday will remain in custody after a bail hearing Wednesday was postponed and police revealed a memory card he allegedly swallowed is still in his body.

The B.C. hang-glider pilot whose passenger fell from his aircraft to her death Saturday will remain in custody after a bail hearing Wednesday was postponed and police revealed a memory card he allegedly swallowed is still in his body. William Jonathan Orders is charged with obstruction of justice after allegedly swallowing the card believed to contain a video recording of the fatal flight.



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