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Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – May 04th, 2012

Lost pet parakeet returned to owner…, Lioness tries to eat a baby…, Angler wins squid fishing contest…, Bicyclists outraged by sign…, Sheriff’s Deputy fired after making inmates dance to Usher…, Groom’s arrested mom…, possum…, Australian man, 97, to graduate with fourth degree…, Pottery donated to Goodwill…,  No alcohol, strict diet and no internet…

1. Lost pet parakeet returned to owner after it tells police its home address

A pet parakeet was returned to its Japanese owner Wednesday after the brainy bird told police its home address near Tokyo. The male bird, called Piko-chan, escaped early Sunday morning from his home in the city of Sagamihara and remained at large before being coaxed into perching on the shoulder of a guest at a nearby hotel.

2. Lioness tries to eat a baby: Simultaneously cute and horrifying 

3. Angler wins squid fishing contest by catching a 1cm squid

Scores of anglers from across the UK travelled hundreds of miles and booked hotels for the event at which a coveted trophy is awarded for the biggest squid caught. The group of 74 competitors stood for five hours on a chilly, windswept seafront hoping to catch over 100 squid of up to 2ft in length.

4. Bicyclists outraged by sign asking them to share the road too

Avid cyclists say a sign outside the Public Safety Building is displaying “petty” messages that discriminate against those who ride on public roads. The electronic sign flashes two messages: “Cyclists ride single file” and “Roads for riding not chatting!” Police Chief Kevin Walsh said the sign is in response to complaints about a minority of riders who refuse to share the road, force cars completely into the opposite travel lane, and are unruly toward drivers who pass by.

5. Sheriff’s Deputy fired after making inmates dance to Usher. Ordered dances included the robot and the worm.

Some inmates did the worm, others chose the old school robot. Each dance was performed to the beat of hip-hop artist Usher on command from a now-fired Summit County deputy. The inmate prize: use of a jail microwave.

6. Groom’s arrested mom: ‘I apologize’ 

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet are on their honey-moon trying to make good on their vows after barely surviving their North Shore wedding from hell, which ended in a bruising brawl and two busts — including the groom’s mother.“They’re in love. They’re doing everything in their power to make it work,” busted mom Darlene DeIorio, 45, told the Herald last night though tears. “I’m going to be there for them no matter what. My heart is so broken. I’m sad for them.”

7. New Zealand’s new drinking game craze is called possum: basically, you drink beer while sitting in a tree until someone falls out of it

The wider population of Dunedin have long tolerated the bibulous habits of the many students in the city. But that patience is being strained by the emergence of a bizarre new branch of drinking game, according to reports from the southern New Zealand city. Called possum, the game has quite simple rules: you sit in a tree and drink until you fall out of it.

8. Australian man, 97, to graduate with fourth degree. He already holds the world record as the oldest university graduate.

A 97-year-old New South Wales man will set another world record today when he graduates from Southern Cross University at Lismore. Allan Stewart from Tea Gardens, north of Newcastle, will graduate with a Master of Clinical Science – Complementary Medicine, making him the world’s oldest university graduate.

9. Pottery donated to Goodwill may be 1,000 year-old Native American artifact.

The piece of pottery that turned up last month in the warehouse of Goodwill Industries of Western New York might be described as “primitive.” Roughly 7 1/2 inches tall, the vessel features a fluted opening and wartlike protrusions. But it arrived with a note inside suggesting that its provenance may be prehistoric.

10. No alcohol, strict diet and no internet. Yeah – sign me up.

Miller, who was and still is a senior editor at a tech news site called The Verge, plans to stay offline for a full year. When he needs to post something to the website that employs him, he will hand his editors a thumb drive with his stories saved in offline files. If he needs to look up a phone number, he’ll get on the phone and start calling people — who hopefully know people who know the person that he’s trying to reach for an interview. There’s no other way without access to professional websites and directories, he said.

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