Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – May 09th, 2012

Driver less cars in Nevada…, good way to think…, Yogurt-Eating Mice Are Slimmer…, Facebook profile to spy on students…, truck nuts…, Children strapped to the hood of a car…, Man legally changes name…, she did tell him…, Being an unhappy person…,  Abraham Lincoln Filed a Patent for Facebook…

1. Google gets license to operate driver less cars in Nevada

If you want to salute, race or flirt with other drivers in Nevada, you could soon be out of luck with some cars. That’s because on Monday, Nevada became the first to approve a license for “autonomous vehicles” — in other words, cars that cruise, twist and turn without the need for a driver — on its roads.

2. Well that’s a good way to think about it

3. Yogurt-Eating Mice Are Slimmer, Shinier and Possess Larger Testicles

Male mice that were fed yogurt on a regular basis were not just shinier, but they also exhibited more “mouse swagger” because of their bigger and heavier testicles, according to researchers replicating previous studies on the effect of yogurt on preventing age-related weight gain.

4. Principal resigns after creating fake Facebook profile to spy on students

As detailed by the Kansas City Star, high school principal Louise Losos at Clayton High School in Missouri resigned at the end of last week after it was discovered that she created a fake Facebook profile under the name Suzy Harriston. Harriston’s profile had over 300 friends and mostly targeted Clayton High School students in addition to some parents. Rather than using a profile picture of a female student, Dr. Losos used a picture of a group of penguins to avoid identification.

5. South Carolina ticketing drivers for displaying “truck nuts”

For the second time in a year, a motorist has been ticketed in South Carolina for displaying a replica of testicles on a vehicle. A Spartanburg County sheriff’s deputy stopped a truck Sunday evening after noticing the “anatomically correct” display on the rear bumper. The incident report says the driver removed the display after being stopped but he was arrested for driving without a license. He was also given a warning ticket for having an obscene display.

6. Children strapped to the hood of a car

Two people are in police custody after they allegedly strapped four kids to the hood of a car after leaving a Fort Wayne liquor store Monday evening. Police said around 5:30 p.m., someone called 911 to report that a man and a woman had strapped the kids to the hood and left the Belmont Beverage parking lot at 2116 Fairfield Ave.

7. Man legally changes name to Tyrannosaurus Rex

What’s in a name? In this case, a few unusual words for one York man who has legally changed his name to Tyrannosaurus Rex. The term, which in Greek means “tyrant lizard king,” is the name assigned to a large dinosaur. Now, it’s also the title officially adopted by Tyler Gold, 23.

8. Well, she did tell him.

9. “Being an unhappy person does not mean you must be sad or dark. You can be interested, instead of happy. You can be fascinated instead of happy.”

Yet at first glance, it seems so guileless. Children just want to be happy. So do puppies. Happy seems like a healthy, normal desire. Like wanting to breathe fresh air or shop only at Whole Foods.

10. Abraham Lincoln Filed a Patent for Facebook in 1845

You guys are gonna love this story. It takes a few minutes to get to Lincoln, but it’s well worth the read. Here’s how it all started… I’ve been working nonstop for a while, so I wanted to take yesterday off. I decided to head out the door early in the morning and see where the day would take me. I left my phone at home because I wanted to go old-school, just the worn-out atlas in my car and no one able to bother me. I would later regret that decision.