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Top 10 Offbeat Stories of the Day – May 10th, 2012

Vengeful Polish teeth-pulling dentist story …, Beep!!Beep!!…, spaceship…, Orangutans at Miami…, Fullerton Police murdering Kelly Thomas…, Flesh-Eating…, Elevated Blood Alcohol Content…, Man told to wrap up home…, Skeleton of World War I soldier…, Turtle with boy’s initials carved…

1. Vengeful Polish teeth-pulling dentist story deemed a hoax (Formerly 800 upvotes in offbeat)

Remember the tale of the jilted Polish dentist who pulled all the pearly whites from the mouth of her ex-boyfriend? Turns out the story has no teeth. The report that dentist  Anna Mackowiak removed all her ex-boyfriend’s teeth after he came into her dental office complaining of a toothache turned out to be false.

2. Beep!!Beep!!We are going..!!

3. A hotel that looks like a spaceship to be built underwater in Dubai

Dubai is the place to go if you want to build outrageous or crazy architecture, like buildings as tall as mountains, manmade islands in the shape of the world or, if neither of those is wacky enough for you, then how about an ocean hotel that’s partly submerged in water? That’s the idea for the Water Discus Underwater Hotel from Deep Ocean Technology which is to be built in Dubai and is comprised of futuristic discs which make it look a bit like the StarshipEnterprise.

4. Orangutans at Miami zoo use iPads to communicate

The 8-year-old twins love their iPad. They draw, play games and expand their vocabulary. Their family’s teenagers also like the hand-held computer tablets, too, but the clan’s elders show no interest.

5. 9 minute video of Fullerton Police murdering Kelly Thomas released today.

Today, the world finally got to see security footage of Fullerton police officers beating Kelly Thomas to death, a case that has sparked worldwide outrage.

6. 24-year-old Woman in Critical Condition after ‘Flesh-Eating’ Bug Invades Her Body via Cut on Leg

A 24-year-old woman is fighting for her life after contracting a deadly flesh-eating disease after cutting her leg on a homemade zip line eight days ago. Aimee Copeland, a psychology graduate student from Georgia, is still in the hospital after doctors realized that the flesh-eating bacteria had infected her wound on her left calf could spread to the rest of her body.

7. New Alcohol Spray Gets You Drunk Instantly with No Hangover or Elevated Blood Alcohol Content

College students have made many advances in the field of getting drunk quickly- the beer bong and shot luge come to mind- but their work pales in comparison to a new alcoholic spray that promises to get you drunk instantaneously. But easy come, easy go: The inebriation lasts only a few seconds.

8. Man told to wrap up home renos after 24 years. Neighbours complain of falling materials, rickety structures and scaffolding.

A Winnipeg man has been ordered by the city to wrap up renovations he has been making to his River Heights house for the past 24 years. A city committee gave Daniel Old three weeks on Tuesday to finish renovating his Ash Street property.

9. Walker finds skeleton of World War I soldier preserved in glacier on Italia

An amateur historian has discovered the mummified body of a World War I solider frozen into an Italian glacier. Dino De Bernardin made the grim find as he walked in mountains close to his home, which had been the scene of bitter fighting between Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops between 1915 and 1917.

10. Turtle with boy’s initials carved on its shell found by his father 47 years later in same backyard

85-year-old Holland Cokeley found a turtle in his back yard. He picked it up, and recognized it as his son’s turtle.

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