Top 10 WTF moments of the Day – Feb 18th 2012

A man in campus dressed as the black ranger…, Finally!!…, A bullshit…, You realized you don’t have a dog…, WTF German Comic…, Quite Handy…, Pornography class…, Disturbed by title or comment…, Upset Baby…, Need to spell it out…

1. Recently, this guy has been walking around our campus dressed as the black ranger.

2. Finally!!

3. Explain this bullshit!

4. And then you realized you don’t have a dog

5. German Comic

6. Quite Handy…

7. Strangest class

8. Can’t decide whether to be more disturbed by title or comment…

9. Upset Baby….. WTF

10. Do they really need to spell it out?

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