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Top 10 WTF Pictures of the Day – December 11th 2012

1. My friend recently adopted a dog that had been beaten, starved then tied by his paws to a tree for days. Barely any paws left due to the rope wounds.

2. So my friend just bit into this… and every piece was like that ಠ_ಠ

3. Watch your baby

4. found this at a local bookstore i’ll just leave it here

5. I couldn’t help but think of “Final Destination” when I saw this

6. What ALSO happens when too much cocaine

7. Everyone loves baby animals. Right?

8. Took this Pic in Ohio a few years ago in front of a store, thought WTF… finally made an account

9. I needed to take a piss in polish train last night. Didn’t expect this.

10. Guy going to prison posted his new tattoo on FB before going in. Good l*ck, I guess?

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