Mercury (II) Thiocyanate (X-post from chemicalreactiongifs)

Top 10 WTF Pictures of the Day – December 20th 2012

1. My buddy toured the Foxconn facilities in China and sent me a pic of the suicide nets they have in the dorms

2. saw this on tumblr.

3. Mercury (II) Thiocyanate (X-post from chemicalreactiongifs)

4. I see your frozen animals and raise you Japan’s creepy frozen aquarium.

5. From my 18th floor office window I saw a real life spiderman

6. The strength of Category 5 hurricane winds. Hurricane Andrew

7. I hope Santa brings me some of these for Christmas

8. Meanwhile in Russia… (it’s always Russia isn’t it?)

9. Eagles are scary. They steal children and murder deer.

10. Don’t you just hate when this happens?

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