Top 10 WTF Pictures of the Day –January 28th 2013

1. I work in a mental health home. Came into work to this.

2. Clearly not good at making important decis

3. Six-fingered hand

4. Goat

5. Nightmare Time with Finn and Jake

6. Spotted this at Target today. Photoshop much??? (Jessica Alba, In Style Magazine)

7. My 9 year old mouse I have never cleaned. Just realized it wasn’t paint peeling, just the gunk built up over the years.

8. Nice House!

9. They look so natural.

10. A jar of toe nail clippings

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 WTF Pictures of the Day –January 28th 2013”

  1. Actually one of the photos should be your title page. This is the first time I have seen january spelled with a W

  2. … Actually the spelling on this site is always terrible & the wrongly label stuff constantly

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