Top 12 Superb Lounge Chairs

Everyone wants mental piece and complete harmony when he/she reaches home and nothing can make you more relaxed than these exciting lounge chairs. You can sleep, eat, play, listen and do whatever you want to relax your soul. So forget the tension and be sinked into the world of these superb lounge chairs-

1) Hovering Magnetic Lounge Chair-

Totally designed by keeping in mind the star wars vehicle. This chair is very costly and one must think before buying it because it has no cushions or pillows with it.

Hovering Magnetic Lounge Chair 2)  Living lounge chair-

Can chair be living? Yes after watching this lounge chair you can imagine this chair as a living thing, its color and design durely atttracts you but its pretty expensive.

living lounge 01 The Living Lounge Chair

living lounge 02 The Living Lounge Chair

living lounge 03 The Living Lounge Chair

3)  Hechima 4-

This chair is designed in japan and is one of the  unique lounge chair, its design is very sophisticated but in terms of strength very few can beat it. A best example for relaxation and peace giving thing.







4) Ice lounge-

This lounge has a shape of an ice cream scoop and you can’t go without buying it. This chair is extremely unique in its design and is very comfortable in all the can seat as well as eat on it.

Ice Lounge

 5) Milano bike lounge chair-

Some will strongly dislike it and some will die for it. For those who can die for it are people of different taste and always want something new and exciting in their life. Color is so good that its designer should be awarded.

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6) Coffee time chair-

Here is a perfect lounge chair for all time coffee lovers because with coffee in one hand and magazine in the other will take you into an another world. You get complete rest of mind and comfort on this chair. Besides it is very beautiful.

Coffee Time Chair 7) Splash Lounge Chair-

If you want to spend your time in a splash tub without getting wet then you can try this splash lounge chair as it has a beautiful water splash design and white color gives you peaceful environment.

Splash Lounge Chair 8) Ferrari F1 Lounge Chair-

If you have a dream to sit in an f1 car but don’t have money and time to buy or try then this chair is a solution to all your demands and need. You can even take joy by playing f1 game on your big tv screen while sitting on this chair like an f1 driver.

Ferrari F1 Lounge Chair 9) Ducking Lounge Chair-

This chair is all made of walnut and is about 2 metres long. Its curvy surface gives you complete rest and you don’t want to stand from it.its beautiful design will increase the beauty of your house.

Ducking Lounge Chair10)  Soft pipe lounge-

First in its type and very stylish industry pipe design is for all the modern thinking people though its design is like a pipe but its very comfortable.

Soft Pipe Lounge11) Oil Drum Rocker Chair-

This piece of furniture turns the form and purpose of oil drums completely on its side… literally. The bright orange Oil Drum Rocker has a seat made of highly sustainable waxen smoked bamboo and due to its shape rocks slightly. Unlike some similar oil drum projects this chair still looks pretty much like its original form and is instantly recognizable for what it once was.

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12) Throne Of Weapons Gun Chair-

Look, I know you like your lazy boy, but only pansies sit on soft cushioned chairs meant to perpetuate their weakness. Real men only sit on rocks and chairs made out of lots and lots of guns. Big guns. The Throne Of Weapons chair was made from all types of guns from all over the world but mainly Ak47s.

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