Top 20 Best Paid Music Stars in 2014

Traditionally, at the end of the magazine “Forbes” provided a list of the highest paid music stars. The authors took into account the income ranking musicians from live performances, sales records, contracts and third-party advertising companies received between June 2013 and June 2014. In the ranking of many surprises, beginning at least with the fact that it is present only one group and one artist under the age of 30 years! However, first things first .

1. Beyoncé – $ 115 million

It was the best year of his career Queen B – thanks to a series of concerts Mrs. Carter Show, Alba surprise and cooperation with such brands as Pepsi and H & M. Nevertheless, this is as much as half a billion less than the winner earned the rating of the most highly paid stars of music in 2014 …


2.Roger Waters – $ 46 million

Rogers Waters beautifully done without the help of his old colleagues on Pink Floyd and earned nearly half a billion dollars on their concert tour The Wall Live. His last stage allows musicians to get into the top 20 most financially successful musicians in 2014.


3. The Rolling Stones – 47 million dollars. (Photo: Universal Music)

Half a century after its debut, “Stones” earn more than ever – to $ 10 million for the concert!


4. Rihanna – $ 48 million

Facebook at the famous native of Barbados glorious 90 million fans, and in the bank – $ 48 million


5. Michael Bublé – $ 51 million. (Photo: Marco Maas / FLICKR)

Michael Bublé – another successful singer of the new generation. Each of the Canadian concerts brings him now more than a million dollars.


6. Pink – $ 52 million

Pink – infrequent visitors on television or magazine covers, but that did not stop her to make in the past year more Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.


7. Justin Timberlake – $ 57 million. (Photo: Greg Noire / FLICKR)

Justin Timberlake – a man of many talents. He makes his acting, the restaurant business and his own clothing line. Nevertheless, the most revenue earned him joint concerts with Jay Z.


8. Jay Z – $ 60 million – the first of a number of musicians who have earned in 2014 in the amount of $ 60 million.)

Beyoncé for her husband it was the best since 2010 year. Largely due to a series of successful concerts in crowded stadiums.


9. Diddy – $ 60 million

The famous rapper now rarely speaks, and the main income derived from the advertising of vodka Ciroc. Not going to stop there, now he’s going to double your success by buying a brand of tequila DeLeon.


10. Bruno Mars – $ 60 million. (Photo: M van der Aker / FLICKR)

The main income of the young singer has received from the concert tour Mooshine Jungle Tour.


11. Taylor Swift – $ 64 million

Billboard magazine called 2014 “the year of Taylor Swift.” In the future, it certainly appears in the top ten list of the highest paid music stars.


12. Toby Keith – $ 65 million

Country music star Toby Keith, in addition to income from concerts, good money on their own brand of mezcal and chain restaurants.


13.Calvin Harris – $ 66 million. (Photo: NRK P3 / FLICKR)

The highest paid in the world DJ Calvin Harris gets a six-figure sum for presentation and for the production of millions of hits for Rihanna and other stars.


14. Paul McCartney – $ 71 million

The eldest of the fallen in the top ten performers, 72-year-old Paul McCartney thoroughly “shake” their performances, many large cities in the world, bringing each of the 3.5 million dollars.


15. One Direction – $ 75 million

One Direction (and even Justin Bieber) – these are the only participants in the top ten, which was not yet 30 years old. The guys have earned through their concerts, advertising “Pepsi” and the best-selling album Midnight Memories.


16. Justin Bieber – $ 80 million

The more scandals, the higher earnings? So it seems – the last tour Justin Bieber was the most profitable in his career.


17. Bruce Springsteen – 81 million dollars. (Photo: Dennis Van Tine / Newspix)

During his last tour “Boss” has received 4 million dollars for a concert.


18. Bon Jovi – $ 82 million

Thanks concert tour Because We Can Jon Bon Jovi became richer by a quarter billion dollars. A significant portion of this amount was earned in the year.


19. The Eagles – $ 100 million

Also thanks megauspeshnomu tour History Of The Eagles American rock veterans have earned 100 million – yes, more Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus together.


20. Dr. Dre – $ 620 million. (Photo: Jason Persse / FLICKR)

… Which has become a musician and producer Dr. Dre, very profitable to sell this year concern Apple service Beats.


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