Top 9 Most Fraekiest Hybrid Gadgets

A gadget is a small technological object that has a particular function. When this gadget is performing two or more functions, then, it may be called as hybrid gadget(not very genuine term). But sometimes these hybrid gadget takes critical shapes and performs unusual functions.

Here we will see some of these gadgets that are so crazily combined that its practically unimaginable.

1.   iPod dock  + Toilet paper dispenser

iLounge: toilet paper dispenser + iPod dockA unique hybrid combination developed by Atech.  They named it as iLounge, which functions as toilet paper dispenser AND iPod dock, so that you don’t miss a song while in the bathroom. iLounge is integrated with USB slot and Speakers which are hidden in the dispensers arms. The navigation buttons are located conveniently on top for easy access.

2.   Radio + Roaster

Hammacher Schlemmer's Toaster: radio + roaster I would never miss my chance to start my day with a slice of toast and morning news!!! Hammacher Schlemmer observed this need and provided us with Hammacher Schlemmer’s Toaster. It guarantees perfectly toasted bread every time and even has a removable crumble tray for easy clean up.

3.   Washing machine + Sink

The Spacesaver: washing machine + sinkPresenting the one and only SPACESAVER which will save your space. If you find it funny then consult its application from those who are living in small size flats and homes. Maybe if this was a greener product where the wastewater from the sink was cleaned up and used to wash the clothes I would be more in favor of it.

4.   Airplane + Helicopter

Eurocopter: airplane + helicopterOnce a child asked me that how can we speed up airplane. I answered him that add another engine to it. Now after this gadget, it’s like dreams have come true.

Eurocopter X3, as it is called, hit speeds of 232 knots or 430 km/h in testing. The upside to the design is that it can take off and land vertically.

5.   Scooter + bicycle +stair-stepper

Zike: scooter + bicycle +stair-stepper

Think you are too old for a trike? Then think again!! New Zike, the world’s first hybrid scooter, will take you to trike. By “hybrid scooter”, the company means it is the first product to successfully combine a scooter, bicycle, and stair-stepper together.

6.  M Car + Scooter

McCar: car + scooterShanghai Motor Show displayed this unique combination of car and scooter. This hybrid was named as McCar. Now lets study its application …

Let’s say you park in a huge parking lot at the mall, and instead of walking the city blocks to get to your favorite store, you unload the scooter from the back and drive there.

7.   Mouse + VoIP phone

VN-CX1A: mouse + VoIP phone Sony’s VN-CX1A mouse, which doubles as a VoIP phone, needlessly complicates both your phone calls and your mousing. But What will happen if you’ll need to use computer while you are using VoIP???…:-)

8.   Mouse + Calculator

 X Mark I: mouse + calculatorCreativity by Canon. The X Mark I mouse has Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, 120 dpi resolution and three button click including scroll wheel, with the keypad beneath it.

9.   AK-47 + Guitar

Escopetarra: AK-47 + guitarMusical but dangerous!!

César López, a sculptor from Colombia, takes rifles and turns them into guitars. The idea came to Lopez back in 2003 when, while playing in front of a Bogota country club, he witnessed a car bomb explode. In the ensuing confusion, he noticed how the army guards all carried their rifles in a manner that resembled the way he carried his guitar and out of that explosion came the first escopetarra—a Winchester rifle/Fender Stratocaster hybrid.

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