Top Flaming Cocktails With Burning Fire

There is alcohol, which will warm and dead. But for drinking it is recommended only in the presence of fire. Cold weather finally convinced us that the real winter came. Going to work in freezing temperatures and biting wind and snow in the face had no choice.
But guys just do not give up. Therefore, we have decided to recall five flaming cocktails, which include a real fire.

1. Rumor is that a cocktail Blue Blazer even Ulysses S. Grant – commander of northerners in the U.S. Civil War is fond of it. The advantages include bourbon drink, boiling water and other ingredients that are in the mix burn blue

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2. Cafe Brulee – cocktail coffee people. Throw in a saucepan sugar, orange, lemon zest, brandy and liquor zaley. Preheat slug on fire, and then set fire and slowly added to the beaker with hot coffee.

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3. Mixed and set alight gin, lemon juice and liqueur Chartreuse – a cocktail of Old Flame’

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4. Meeks called Fantasy is better pour into warmed glass. Otherwise inflamed cognac, liqueur and powdered sugar will lick with cracked glass from the floor

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5. B-52 – the most simple and fast solution fiery warmth. Need to pour a shot of Kahlua 20 grams, then Bayliss, Cointreau and it all burn. Do you like to experiment? Try burning B-53: Replace the Cointreau orange tequila

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