Top Video of the Day – December 01, 2014

World’s Simplest Electric Train

When I thought this was drama, it was scary, when I realized it was true, it was terrifying. No wonder Micheal Scott hated Tobey.

This Officer had nearly perfect timing when throwing out stop sticks.

Have you ever been drunk for this long?

Puppy wakes up to his favourite ‘Frozen’ song

Even though this is English, my brain just isn’t putting it together.

A judge gives an example of fair and equality

It just goes to show ya…

Just another GTA V video

Rodney Mullen was dancing on a skateboard 30 years ago

Woman admits lying about domestic violence sending innocent husband to 10 months in jail

Cringe-worthy buildup to a really unpleasant performance by the world’s most pretentious organist

They’re not catching this guy…

Mike Tyson- Right hook body & Right uppercut head Combination. Pure Power.

Lucas had it all planned out even the sequels.

How Jaws Was Restored For BluRay

Reginald D Hunter compares racism in the UK to the US

“Before They Were Famous” Commercial Compilation starring Bryan Cranston, Stephen Colbert, Keanu Reeves and many other favorites. (Not OC)

Video from two students inside the MV Sewol before it sank. Both students perished along with 295 others.

Elderly Man In Ferguson Attacked With His Oxygen Tank And Carjacked During Protests.

I’ve found there’s no better video to get me in that Christmas spirit.

The Nitinol Heat Engine

Mum, what does virgin mean?”

A master of his craft!

Human Spirograph

Guy takes his GoPro into one of Macau’s prostitute hangouts

Getting Mugged Makes Ross Kemp Mildly Irritated

My brother’s roommate covered every inch of his room in tin foil while he was home for Thanksgiving.

There’s a lot wrong with the world, isn’t there? David Mitchell | Comment Is Free

So this is what we’re dealing with now. Reporter is shot at during an interview.–vCS3QkgRA

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