Top Video of the Day – December 08, 2014

Beast mode activated

Rottweiler loves cat so much

Guy coasts for three minutes into the gas station

Gordon Ramsay dodges a punch from oldlady-shaped toddler

With great power comes great responsibility. And anger.

That voice is what nightmares are made of.

Something went wrong.

Eric Cartman’s interview on NPR

3 Mates and a bottle of Superglue

You don’t know how cool the orion capsule REALLY is!

Horse house party.

Farts at a meeting

2 hours of classic Disney holiday cartoons! I feel like a little kid again.

Extreme Low Pass

4-Year Old’s dream of being a UPS driver comes true

Orion splashdown as seen from USS Anchorage LPD 23

Careful where you swim!

Wrestling: Top Rope, Low Ceiling

Thank you for clarifying Michael

I am most proud of not blowing my head off by now”

Liquid nitrogen being thrown down the hallway at my lab

Mitchell and Webb – Captain Todger

Dave Chappelle was ahead of his time

Paul Giamatti is an incredible actor, here’s why.

Denham Psycho (Hipster parody of American Psycho

The cardinal rule of what to do when something doesn’t work.

Official Trailer for HBO’s The Wire Remastered Marathon

Two professional skateboarders play a Mortal Kombat style game of skate

They got a good sense of humor about it.

Orangutan cools off like a human

This may be my new favourite Christmas Carol.

Surprising my (fraternal) twin brother for our 30th bday.

Female attorney humiliates female officer

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