Top Video of the Day – December 10, 2014

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In New Zealand this is 100 percent serious prime-time news

Guy gets called out to rap at Kendrick Lamar’s concert…crowd gets HYPED

Huge crowd of Justin Bieber Fans get trolled by a random guy on a hotel roof

Guy narrates random people’s lives in various public places. Their reactions are hilarious.

Most down to earth, selfless person on Shark Tank.

Abandoned 29 years ago, black baby is adopted by adorable Pennsylvania Dutch woman. Mom doesn’t know what youtube is. This is them discussing life.

Little girl realizing what Disneyland is. [0:51]

Bikini girl taking a selfie + narration from nature documentary = a thing of beauty

Animated 10,000+ hex nuts for this stop-motion video back in 2012…never released until tonight!

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