Top Video of the Day – December 12, 2014

My friend’s goat, Benjamin, became slightly viral across the UK, and he’s super cute!

After 2,690 hours of programming and 896 cans of soda, my friend and I are officially launching our game today for iOS and Android. Here’s the trailer.

It’s the time of sails, swords, and sea shanties. How do you and your shipmates pass the time? Like this.

Breaking: Huge explosion in Union Square, San Francisco, 1.5 hours ago.

I never knew climbing competitions like this existed. All of these competitors are incredible.

Nasa’s parody of “All about that Bass” “All about that Space”

Slinky Master

It took us almost two years of spare time since neither of us knew what the hell we were doing, but today my friend and I can proudly say our epic IRON MAN parody is finally done.

Celebrity Chef Ted Allen Cooks His Favorite Pretentious Foodie Bullshit Meal

MAAANNN!… alright.” [0:23]

Can an obese 30 lb cat land on its feet? Slow motion video – 1:21.

Kids get caught smoking weed under a parachute on campus. [0:49]

How to deal with ISIS

That’s What You Get

$15/month Internet in Romania

EXTREME Barbie Jeep Racing, so much yes.

Amazing real-time tech showcase from NVIDIA

A young man from Aghanistan looks exactly like Bruce Lee

Bulldog sings “You raise me up” with its owners

Daddy vs Daughter Dance Battle!

Dad finds sons stash and is pretty chill about it.

Now THIS guy knows how to wait at a fucking crosswalk!

An old man starts dancing in front of a busker, and the rest of the crowd decide to join in

Cards Against Humanity Bullshit Unboxing

Drunk Kelly Clarkson, who was in the crowd, gets pulled on stage at a Steel Panther concert

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