Top Video of the Day – January 01, 2014

The darts world championship is very popular in the UK over the holiday season. Here is a perfect game from yesterday.

My friend plays a selfie-video joke on her brother over the course of the year. He falls for it every time.

The Cup Song performed with guns…..and cups

One of the funniest Mark Whalberg impressions

Ambulance Drone- new type of drone can go over 100 km/h and reaches its destination within 1 minute, which increases chance of survival from 8% to 80%

a moment that we’ve never thought it would come in our life time! Freeman’s mind Final Episode!

Dr. Robert Oppenheimer on what he felt watching the first Nuclear Bomb being detonated. I get the chills when he quotes Vishnu in The Bhagavata

Famous Martial Artist Renzo Gracie Tells a Story of When Two Guys Tried to Mug Him

Some weird weather in California today

A tiger jump to catch its food, in slow-motion

Nobody To Kiss On New Years – [4:31]

Why is everyone pulling their parachu- OH SHIT!!

Taylor Swift’s Gift Giving of 2014

Froggy style”

The life of a Lizard Squad member

Joe Montana’s response to not having won the Heisman Trophy

The Ben Show: The Last Text Message

In a live cooking show I see this bug in the dough !

Dad filmed my sister and I entering the room for Christmas morning for 16 years. Edited the tapes together to surprise my family for Christmas. (Inspired by u/Spoonito)

Logovi’i Mulipola | Samoan Beast

Kim Jong Un flying an airplane.

Captain Kirk Thug

After 7 years and 68 episodes, “Freeman’s Mind”, a humorous playthrough of Half-Life, has finally come to an end

kid calls 911 because PSN is down

Thug dogg’s birthday [0:11]

Copy that

This is Mac Sabbath… A McDonalds themed Black Sabbath cover band…

What happens when literally everybody is allowed to go all-out with fireworks? New Year’s Eve, Manila 2014

Trouble in Terrorist Town in real life using airsoft guns

Glitter party! (Xpost /wtf)

Universim game trailer

The best Chinese “English” accent ever

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