Top Video of the Day – December 25, 2014

UPDATE: Patrick Otema is a deaf teen in a remote Ugandan village. The moving video where he’s introduced to sign language for the first time went viral. Ten weeks later we returned… and Patrick’s got a message for everyone

Young wannabe gangsters visit the jail.

A merry christmas from our favourite norwegian.

Battlebots and Robot Wars. Man, I miss these shows. Here’s one of my favorites – Ziggo.

Runescape Streamer gives an amazing Tip to the Pizza Delivery guy

The real dough bending (rice paper making in Asia)

Earthquake in MLB Network studio draws hilarious reactions

Robin Williams and Ben Stiller help their co-star ask a girl out to prom. What a brilliant man, you will be missed. R.I.P

High speed M&M sorting machine

Dog chases injured owner in in an ambulance all the way to the hospital

Women: Know Your Limits!

Violinists duel on flight

Gecko saves his buddy from snake

House of Cosbys” made by Creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland

May I present to you, the single greatest moment of any Louis Theroux documentary ever.

Sex in video games

Entourage Movie – Official Trailer!

California Teen Begs Not To Go To Jail For Penetrating A Student With Steel Bar.

One of the best performance in Batman Begins. “It’s an act, but Bruce Wayne as an actor is drawing on something that he really feels. It’s quite bitter.”

Stephen Colbert gives a great interview, out of character. The “real” Colbert.

Bad Jokes at Work

Guy’s 7 year old sister gets bullied by a 16 year old 8th grader for having “rett syndrome”, EpicLloyd destroys him with an epic rap

What the atmosphere is like leading up to an English football match between two bitter rivals.

The world’s largest boat, can extract natural gas, process, refine, and liquify it at sea

Three years late, but still too soon. RIP

Don’t touch Pac-Man

How SSD’s are made. Kind of over the top, but still really interesting video.

I think Joaquin Phoenix dies a little inside every time he has to go on daytime TV

Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks

I don’t know what this is or how I found it, but I like it.

Alton Brown – How to Best Cut Potatoes for Mashed Potatoes

Halp … pliz …

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