Top Video of the Day – January 18, 2014

ancient aztec death whistle. a whistle used by the aztecs for ceremonies and also in battles..haunting stuff

A black man’s view that goes against the grain of pop culture. Logic versus racism.

Fuck CNN

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here’s the surveillance footage of Michael Brown robbing a convenient store of a $50 dollar box of cigarillos, minutes before he was fatally shot.

Danny Devito on the recent events in Ferguson, MO

Dog wins a race due to cheating

Harshest punishment ever

Bassem Masri gets his phone stolen while live streaming Ferguson protest

Jurassic World: Official Trailer

Weed Snobs”

Kid doesn’t know the directions to Jacob’s house – drives dad to the edge of sanity again.

In light of recent events, a PSA from Chris Rock.

GTA V in real life

Batman vs Darth Vader

Cockatoo is possessed by Chris Farley

Chris Pratt telling Spielberg he’ll have to get back to him later about “Jurassic Park 4” four years ago

CNN Airs Clip of Michael Brown’s stepfather yelling “Burn This Bitch Down”.

This is Bassem Masri’s interview with CNN. He’s the guy who was live streaming at Ferguson tonight and had his phone snatched. If you didn’t figure already from his stream, this guy is your classic asshole!

The only time i’ve ever paid attention to flight safety instructions.

CNN Reporter Sara Sidner Gets Hit in Head by a Rock on Live TV

7 Simple Photography Hacks

Cartoon I made with my 1 year old daughter.

Y’all need some good news… The biggest solar plant in the World is now online (it is huuuuuuuge)

How to deter looters and rioters.

Charlie LeDuff live in Ferguson

Sometimes I like to watch this video and pretend like I stumbled across this guy in the woods and how awkward it would be.

Dirtbiker almost drives in to mine shaft (xpost from /r/motorcycles)

Race War!’ – Whitest Kids You Know

I have two adopted younger brothers. The struggle to keep up with them physically is real.

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