Totally Odd Tunnels Around the World

Tunnels are made from cutting forests, huge trees, boring a hole in mountains and many more bizarre ways are inculcated now and then, here are 10 of those beautiful and unusual tunnels that you can pass through around the world.


1. Tunnel Laerdal – unusual tunnel in the glow of artificial dawn


2. Laerdal Tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the world. Laerdal Tunnel connects with the Norwegian capital located on the other side of the city of Bergen. The length of the underground road – 24.51 km. To a long stay in a confined space does not cause distraction for drivers, the tunnel is divided into four sections and is equipped with lighting that mimics natural light at dawn. To clean the air in the cave wall mounted fans. Surveillance Cameras allow employees Laerdal track the number of “incoming” and “outgoing” and eliminate the consequences of accidents. Tunnel Laerdal – it’s two lanes European Route E16, the main road between Oslo and Bergen. Construction of the tunnel began in 1995 and it was opened in 2000. This cost was 1.082 billion NOK. The tunnel is located about 175-200 km northeast of Bergen.


3. Unusual rainbow tunnel in Birmingham


4. American artist Bill Fitzgibbon (Bill Fitzgibbon) do not prefer to museums and galleries, and for the city streets. For example, Bill created the urban rainbow. For this, he personally decorated the tunnel on 18th Street in Birmingham (Alabama) 250 LED lights.


5. Tunnel Guoliang Tunnel Road – the most extreme tunnel worldwide


6. Tunnel Guolyan (Guoliang Tunnel Road) is located in China. It was named after the village in mountains Tayhanshanskih in Henan Province. For several years, 350 residents of this isolated place begged the government to make a path to connect them with the rest of the world. But in 1972, tired of living in isolation residents of the village have decided to pave the way for civilization. After 5 years, literally dug the way was opened for traffic. Built way was very insecure, and even on the road construction were lost a few locals. Along the entire length (about 1.2 km) road is both protected by rocks and exposed areas. The latter feature, combined with the width of 3.6 m yielded Guoliang Tunnel Road reputation as “the road that does not forgive mistakes.”


7. An unusual tunnel in Brisbane with a canopy in the shape of the crown of exotic plants


8. Wood stone jungle. Unusual tunnel awaits motorists in Brisbane (Australia). In the shape of the crown exotic tree canopy light the way at night and during the day to protect from the sun.


9. Unusual tunnel tree in Sequoia National Park


10. When a tree is not a hindrance. Tree Tunnel – one of the two tunnels, unusual trees, through which the route visitors Sequoia National Park (USA).


11. Unusual “painted” tunnel during Vivid Sydney Festival


12. Magic arch. In early July, in Sydney (Australia) runs the annual festival of light-Vivid Sydney. Tunnels megacity, as, indeed, most major urban sites, each summer turns into a real kingdom lights. In this picture projection in appearance indistinguishable from drawings made with paint.


13. Unusual natural tunnel in Germany


14. “Ceiling” in bloom. To the warm season is timed and “functioning” unusual tunnel in Bonn (Germany). Natural canopy is formed on one of the central streets of the city every spring, when they begin to bloom planted dense wall of cherry trees. To the great chagrin of the locals, the beauty lasts only 7-10 days.


15. Tunnel Gallery in Shanghai Metro


16. In the subway as sightseeing. Guide Shanghai Metro has decided to turn into a full-fledged underground tunnels art gallery. Passengers have the opportunity to admire the light effects and listen to quiet background music. Later in the “underground” will show a slide show on the historical, scientific and cultural issues. But in between your sightseeing tours viewers will not see the gloomy walls, “commercial breaks” the authors of the project plan to complete the photos of natural beauties from around the world.


17. Europe’s largest tunnel Frejus Rail Tunne


18. Frejus Rail Tunnel – Europe’s biggest complex of tunnels that pass through the Alps, combining road and rail in the direction of Italy – France. The oldest part of the tunnel – w / d branch “Turin – Modane” started in 1871. Since then Frejus Rail Tunnel repeatedly expanded and supplemented with new sections.


19. Unusual w / a tunnel on the campus of Illinois Institute of Technology


20. Case – trumpet. Unusual railway tunnel on the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology is designed to minimize the noise of passing trains. 160-meter “tube” also protects the building from the ravages caused by the vibration of a moving train.


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