Treasures of the Natural History Museum

Treasures of the Natural History Museum

1. On a monumental 8-year expedition to Southeast Asia, Alfred Russel Wallace developed the theory of evolution by natural selection independently of Charles Darwin and collected.

2. Archaeopteryx is the earliest known bird and the Natural History Museum cares for the first skeleton specimen ever found.

3. Oldest UK skull of a North African Barbary lion, Panthera leo leo, dated to 1280-1385. The lion was part of the royal zoo in the Tower.

4. The Birds of America, the 19th-century masterpiece by John James Audubon, is the world’s most valuable book and it is extremely rare.

5. The delicate glass artworks of sea creatures crafted by father-and-son team Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka were made with impeccable.

6. The Blaschkas also made the beautiful diversity of microscopic organisms visible.

7. Rare dodo skeleton, Raphus cucullatus, constructed from bones around 1,000 years old

8. The pressed plants in George Clifford’s collection helped the great Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus transform the way we classify.

9. Guy the gorilla was one of London Zoo’s best-loved residents.

10. First skull of an adult female Neanderthal, Homo neanderthalensis, about 50,000 years old.

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