Trendy but Weirdest Armpit Tattoos

Tattoos are the fashion of modern time; every fashion lover is taking his/her chance in tattoos. The craze for tattoos is so high that almost every part of a human body is used for them. This time we are showing some of the nuts who have tattoos in their armpits. Hope you will also enjoy this.

1. She loves monsters and hence the bloody white shark is on her armpit. Moreover someone is also inside shark’s mouth.

2. Beautiful design for a beautiful pink colored hairy girl. Take it lightly guys.

armpit_tattoo (1)
3. I think this is a ugly face tattoo.

armpit_tattoo (2)
4. I am speechless this time. What a choice!

armpit_tattoo (3)
5. He works in a garage and is a specialist of spark plugs.

armpit_tattoo (4)
6. It suits her ugly face. It’s a common saying that “beauty is in the eyes of a viewer”.

armpit_tattoo (5)
7. He still loves teddies, and must have a brain of 5 years old boy.

armpit_tattoo (6)
8.Yes you are very right, this is a holy shit.

armpit_tattoo (7)
9. He has a proof now that he has children.

armpit_tattoo (8)

10. He has a proof now that he hate females.

armpit_tattoo (9)

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