Turtle Got Addicted to Cigarettes

Ohhh its really hard to cure people with this now animals starting smoking, MY GOD WHAT TO DO????

A snapping turtle in Changchun is apparently addicted to smoking and goes through around 10 cigarettes a day. According to its keeper surnamed Tang, the 4.3 kilogram grey turtle quickly developed the habit ever since Tang stuffed a cigarette into its mouth a month ago, Changchun Evening News reported on July 2. Tang, a restaurant chef in Donghu town, Changchun, Jilin Province who is helping his boss raise the turtle, explained he got the idea to introduce the pet to tobacco one day after he discovered it being hurt by a chicken bone.

As he plucked the bone from its belly, the turtle snapped at him, upon which he was inspired to try inserting a cigarette. Now the turtle ‘restlessly’ paces back and forth if it doesn’t get a smoke, and chases after Tang when he lights up, said the report. Tang explained while he shared his smokes with the turtle, he can’t afford the combined expense of both his and the pet’s cigarettes, and welcomes any advice to help the turtle kick the habit.

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Turtle Got Addicted For Cigarettes (1)

Turtle Got Addicted For Cigarettes (2)