Unbelievable 10 Facts Of Useful Fragnances for Health

Here its all about sense of smell – One of the five senses, plays an important role in our lives like Odor, strong and subtle, pleasant and nasty, constantly which surround us. But there are scents that can help you look younger, lose weight, improve efficiency at work. I know its strange let me show you…..

1. If you stand on the copy machine just for half a minute, then later on you can forget about the ’81 visit forests, fields after the rain! Ozone emitted copiers, almost a billion times more than the “natural”. Just do not think it’s useful: ozone – a strong oxidizing agent. It speeds up all processes in the human body. And the chief of them like unfortunately – aging.Unbelievable 10 Facts Of Useful Fragnances (1)

2. With Orange you can save money on alcohol! The smell of orange helps to warm up and creates a sense of emancipation.Unbelievable 10 Facts Of Useful Fragnances (2)

3. Women with a strong predilection, who love bunch of lavender, slightly better beware. This passion is not talking so much about the ladies love the colors, But about her depression, which can not handle nothing but lavender – the most powerful antidepressant.Unbelievable 10 Facts Of Useful Fragnances (3)

4. The girl who dreams to lose weight, you need to give her… candy wrappers from the chocolate! If, after such a gift will make her listen to an explanation, you can tell that the smell of chocolate causes the formation of endorphins – the hormones of joy. And besides anti-stress effects, endorphins have aggravated se*ual desires and have an analgesic effect.Unbelievable 10 Facts Of Useful Fragnances (4)

5. Tea with lemon is best to drink in defiance of the authorities, at their workplace. the study of Japanese scientists says that the smell of lemon, 54% reduces the number of errors related to computer use.Unbelievable 10 Facts Of Useful Fragnances (5)

6. Almost any odor can be used as a medicine … or a mini-time machine. Reaction of odor develops quickly: Do not have time to blink, so, only “fix” the scent of pleasant memories. And when a person is happy, he is almost well ( his body increases the release of endorphins, neurotransmitters and antibodies, which greatly helps the healing process).Unbelievable 10 Facts Of Useful Fragnances (6)

7. According to one legend, the wife of Zeus, Hera seduced her husband, with the help of Aphrodite’s magic girdle fragrant. Modern aromaspetsialisty believe that the composition of flavorlike aphrodisiac, ylang-ylang, nutmeg, vanilla, rose, jasmine and carnation can help in many ways.Unbelievable 10 Facts Of Useful Fragnances (7)

8. The oil in aromatherapy is widely known as a pain reliever.Unbelievable 10 Facts Of Useful Fragnances (8)

9. Useful medicinal smells can sometimes cause severe headaches. If the person does not like that particular smell good on him, his body does not receive, even if the flavor is able to cure the rest of humanity.Unbelievable 10 Facts Of Useful Fragnances (9)

10. Pregnant, not knowing whether how much close is the moment of birth, or it caught up with the so-called “fight-precursor” rub out enough jasmine oil. If you encounter “training” from such manipulations, they will pass.Unbelievable 10 Facts Of Useful Fragnances (10)

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