Unique Glass Movement Creation in Schein’s Life

Shayna Leib is a contemporary multimedia artist with a terrific sense of the material. Her work is made of glass are the best proof of that. I personally loved her work it was awesome. So without wasting more time lets have a look of her special Glass Art creation in her life…

1. Schein was educated at the Polytechnic University of California, San Luis Obispo, where she studied philosophy, literature, visual arts and music. She had to defend his doctoral thesis in philosophy, but instead of that she entered in the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied skulptures studies,work with glass and metal. Working with glass, Schein Life has paid full attention to studying the properties of this unique and beautiful material.




3. In the Sculptures of Schein’s Life, She uses the ability of hot glass to harden plastic in the most unlikely forms. Continuous play of light creates the illusion of movement. 



4. Its a amazing glass thicket resemble a fantastic coral reef. In addition, each glass “blade” has its own personality, communicating with the refracted light rays with your neighbors. Each of these amazing sculptures changes its appearance depending on viewing angle. 


5. Glass in all its fragility and beauty is a very difficult material to work. Working with them requires enormous effort, attention, and a lot knowledge of the technical characteristics of this material. To create only a small part of such compositions may take more than a month of hard work. 


6. Work on the sculpture begins with the preparation of long, thin stems that can reach 20 meters in length. For smaller tracks it may be enough, and a dozen of these tubes, large sculptures may require up to 200 pieces. Then the miles of glass stems are cut into pieces of desired length. The number of these pieces can reach several like tens to thousands.

Jan_12 Leib-archipelago

7.  Each glass “coral” or “blade of grass” after making in the necessary form, secured in place. For this purpose the glass must be warmed again.

Jan_12 Leib-crevicestudy

8. Despite the fact that working with hot glass must be very fast to assemble five square centimeters of sculpture,it takes at least 45 minutes. 


9. Surprising masterly sense of form and color, which Schein already have. Her sculpture, consist of tens and thousands of individual parts, These Glass Sculpture are really looking like smoothly swaying grasslands, obeying an invisible breeze fantastic wind.


10. Schein says that for her visual concept of beauty has always been fractal. “I just captures a lot of small details, like the blades of grass, curving in a particular rhythm, obeying a breath of wind. By reducing the image, you can see the whole wave form.And when the image is enlarged, it is possible to consider every single blade of grass moving in the flow of wind. “ 




12. One of the first works of Schein in this technique has become well-known song “Flow ” To create this masterpiece it took two months of hard work and 40 000 individual items. In 2003 the sculpture was displayed at the exhibition SOFA New York, where she won universal recognition and the first place. It was then decided to create a Schen series of sculptures that look like snapshots of a fantastic flow of traffic. The name of each sculpture cycle describes the movement and even the time when she made a “snapshot”. 




14. Nature of the motion appears in the titles of sculptures: Bypass, Static, Coagulation, Flow. Rhythm and dynamics, these movements are quite different, and it immediately sees the audience. 




16. Schein herself at one time seriously studying piano and has extensive experience in music making. Schein says that she accepts glass almost like music. “This habit came from reading the notes. Even when the music notation removed from the eye, do you still feel the melody in its visual incarnation. The closest language allowing to transfer a pattern, movement and pace an it is the language of the glass with his mobility and fluidity.” 

Red Flow

17. Working on the creation of sculpture, Schein uses the unique properties of glass. Glass stems are particularly expressive.Forms that it gives them look completely revived. At the hand of the sculptor it is unimaginable chaos of forms, colors and light rays appear clear and at the same time plastic composition. 



Glass Yellow Flows

19. Master at work
Creating each song requires a phenomenal concentration, spatial and color memory. Fortunately, Schein has it all.


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