Uniquely Designed Beards & Moustaches

Men prefer to keep long beards and moustaches to show their dominance. Some prefer them to attract others and some for fun. But there is another class of men who keeps weird beards and moustaches just for a shot. You are not believing but soon you will understand that it’s real not a story or something. But it is a real funny story.

1) This man loves ladies and ladies love weird moustaches! Its weird.

2) The man has two sides not a dark or white one but a clean and beard one.

3) I didn’t know earlier that an egg can have beard too.
4) What a prank? This man thinks he is some sort of world’s se*iest man.

5) Long live Hitler! Hitler is still in the souls of many.


6) Who are you? A goat, a buffalo or a man? Whatever you are the most ugly one amongst all.
7) Yes here they are, a Chinese dominance here too. This goat inspired beard is in great fashion now a days.
8) Holy man but only in your eyes. Otherwise he is the biggest fraud.
9) What do you think of yourself? Are you a king of somewhere? If yes, then the place is must be a shit.
10) It really suits you old man, well done. You soon get an old lady.
11) This man has a beard woven sack which he used to carry things.


12)  “Moustaches with heels”, a complete new fashion gifted by him to the world.