Unseen and Weird Act by Animals…!!

“some of the animals been captured in the weird and funny situations…..”



“Cow takes highway leap of faith and gets stuck on safety barrier”

A kooky cow trying to avoid traffic found itself in a pickle after becoming stuck on a roadside safety barrier…!!


“Cow freed after getting head stuck in…”

The Scottish SPCA was contacted by locals after a cow was seen with its head stuck in a ladder on a farm in South Ayrshire…!!



Milton Jones performs stand-up routine – to field of cows..”

Comedian Milton Jones has performed a stand-up routine to a field of cows in an a-moo-sing experiment to prove they can laugh…!!


“Watch: Cute sleepy kitten wakes up from slumber and stretches “

Prepare to watch video of a little Banzai kitten – quite possibly the cutest kitten ever in the realm of cute kittens – to do something cute…!!


“Cute Alert: DJ kittens hit the decks and scratch up a storm”

Move over Jazzy Jay and Afrika Bambaata because these ‘scratch kittens’ are taking over the turntables and redefining hip-hop……!!

“Meet the goat who likes to paint”

“Meet Peep the goat, who loves nothing more than grabbing a brush and creating ‘abstract’ art…!!


“Bobcat swaps sharp teeth and claws of mountain lion for 5cm cactus spikes”

When you’re running for your life you don’t have time to think about protecting your undercarriage. Take this bobcat, which clambered up a 15m (50ft) giant saguaro cactus and stayed there for six hours to escape a mountain lion….!!