Unusual carved sculptures made of steel

Another impressive art project presented a creative duo from San Francisco. Unusual sculptures in the form of steel patterned polyhedra resemble strange cosmic objects. In the evening and night-time items are highlighted inside, forming around him ornate light patterns.




Hybycozo – original art installation, which is a three steel polyhedron. On each face of unusual objects adorn carved ornaments and patterns. At night, the sculptures are illuminated from the inside, serving as a unique giant lamps, which, thanks to the carved surface, creating around him a stunning light patterns.



The authors of the project were extravagant Serge Beaulieu ( Serge Beaulieu ), artist and designer, as well as Elena Filipchuk ( Yelena Filipchuk ), an environmental scientist. The creative duo currently lives and works in San Francisco.Amazing patterns that adorn the metal sculptures presented in the framework of the collection Hybycozo , were created by laser cutting. The result is an unusual but very charming art installation.




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