Unusual Churches From Around The World

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While the old church converted into hotels and homes, architects erect new ones. Here are the seven most interesting “iconic” projects. Have a look…….

1. Apartments in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Architectural bureau Zecc Architecten, 2007


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Two Dutch businessman decided that holy place should not be empty, and the city bought the abandoned chapel and its contents. Now the two-level apartment has a large organ and stained glass windows, and they have lunch, sitting on massive oak pews of XIX century.


2. Church of the Sacred Heart, Munich. Architectural office Allmann, Sattler & Wappner, 2000

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3. At the site of the burnt down in 1994 by the Church of the Sacred Heart, local authorities decided to build a true symbol of faith. Happy external glass box, which is covered by a building, reflects sunlight, and at night is lit from the inside, drawing parishioners.

On the main facade of the Greek text written by Gospel of Matthew, tells about the Passion of Christ. The letters are made of painted nails on the glass.


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4. Capella Valleacerón, Ciudad Real, Spain. Architectural bureau sancho-madridejos, 2001

Private chapel in the residence Valleacerón will not reveal its religious purpose. Its creators Salt Madridehos and Juan Carlos Sancho believe that the sun’s rays penetrating the numerous holes in the concrete structure, itself is a sufficient sign of the greatness of the Lord. Therefore, more characters are not needed here.

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5. Library at St. Mary’s Church, Muencheberg, Germany. Architectural bureau Klaus Block Architekt, 2000

In 1945, the church of St. Mary in Müncheberg hit by two American bombs, and she stood in ruins until the mid-1990s, when it was decided to turn to the library and cultural center. Design reinforced with steel beams, but not to intervene in the structure of the Romanesque cathedral architects. They just built in wooden shelving for books and a large glass cube, which can hold public lecture.


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6. Chapel of the coronation of the Virgin Mary, Rotterdam. Architectural bureau Mecanoo architecten, 2000

This is the third chapel of the St. Lawrence Catholic cemetery in the center of Rotterdam. The first two, built in 1869 and 1963, collapsed due to the instability of the soil. Therefore, the architects had to maximally facilitate construction. They built walls and roofs made of thin copper sheets. In addition, illuminated from below the ceiling copper shines like gold backgrounds on icons.

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7. Hotel Husa in a Benedictine monastery, Calatayud, Spain. Architect Gonzalo Urbis, 2003

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8. Museum in Firminy, France. The project of Le Corbusier, 2006

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9. The main urban project of Le Corbusier’s 1954-1965 Firminy-Vert was conceived as a city of the future with perfect temple in the center. But at the laying in 1970 the local archbishop denied the church of St. Peter, saying that the building in its present form does not suited to the needs of the Catholic Church.

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10. So that construction resumed only in 2003, when the building came up with a new assignment – it was a branch of the Museum of Modern Art nearby town of Saint-Etienne.

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