5 most unusual external battery for smartphones and tablets

All fans of modern gadgets and devices has long been known, whichever may be the battery capacity on your smartphone or tablet, it is still not enough. So it is necessary to us to buy extra batteries, some of which can be quite extraordinary. Today we tell about the 5 most unusual external batteries for mobile devices.

QBracelet – A fashion accessory for charging smartphones

The device is called QBracelet allow to make backup battery for a smartphone was always at hand. Rather, on the hand. Indeed, in this case it is a question of fashion bracelet, inside which is a battery.


QBracelet bracelet is available in three colors: black, silver and gold. So that even the biggest fashionistas will be able to pick up the device to their own style of clothing.


Inside QBracelet battery is 2000 mAh, which is approximately equal to the battery capacity of most modern low-cost smartphones. So this device will allow to extend the phone twice.


External battery QBracelet worth $ 80, which is quite cheap for a stylish accessory.

Power Pen – hybrid handles and external battery for smartphone

Power Pen – a device that combines two technological world: analog and digital. Firstly, it is an ordinary ballpoint pen, with which you can write on paper. Of course, many active users of computers have become forget about this subject, but most people still use it regularly.


Secondly, Power Pen – it is an external battery for your smartphone. It has a capacity of 700 mAh per hour, which will slightly extend the life of your phone. And it can be very important, because each faced a problem when the battery in the machine sits at the wrong time, before the most important call.


Power Pen combines technological innovation with the convenient form of a conventional ballpoint pen, which can be carried in a pocket or bag.


Mophie Juice Pack Helium – Case for iPhone with built-in battery

Mophie Juice Pack Helium – this is the easiest example of “smart” cover for smartphone. We are talking about the cover, which not only protects your phone from dust and scratches but also gives him extra power.


In Case Mophie Juice Pack Helium integrated battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh, which allows to extend your mobile phone for about eighty percent. In this case, the very “smart” cover weighs only 69 grams.


Smartphone (originally accessory has been designed for the iPhone 5) is connected to the battery cover Mophie Juice Pack Helium immediately as soon as it is inserted.

Credit Card Sized Cell Phone Backup Battery – External battery for mobile devices

A device with a complex called Credit Card Sized Cell Phone Backup Battery appeal to all lovers of modern art who travels a lot and is a smartphone or tablet. This device can extend the life of mobile gadgets several times, and the man is not to be burdened with the need to carry Credit Card Sized Cell Phone Backup Battery with them.


After all, this external battery is quite small, comparable to a conventional credit card. It can be easily concealed in a pocket or purse to get him out of there if necessary.


In this case, small size does not interfere with Credit Card Sized Cell Phone Backup Battery have a large capacity. This battery can hold 5000 mAh.

Voltmaker – magic wand for charging mobile phones

At first glance, the device with the name Voltmaker – it’s just pocket LED flashlight, not unlike many other offerings on the market. However, if you look closely, you can see it on the connector Mini USB, as well as handle unknown destination.


The last two elements and turn Voltmaker in magic magic wand for owners of digital gadgets. It turns out that the battery in the flashlight can energize smartphones and tablets. And with a retractable handle a person can own hands to generate electricity if the battery charge in Voltmaker over, and next to no single outlet.


Of course, to fully charge the battery Voltmaker, as they say the creators of this device, you must turn the handle non-stop for two or three hours. But at the same time efforts of two or three minutes would be enough for you to give your smartphone energy on one call.


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