Unusual Places Beneath Surface, Heaven for Underwater Adventurers

Modern technological and financial capabilities allow Humanity to build houses not only on the surface, but also under water .In the underwater space already exist hotels, houses, shops and even parks for walking. Today we tell about the 7 most iconic objects of this kind.

Underwater Hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel

The most popular in the modern world view underwater institutions – it is the hotels. Of these the most famous is the Hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel in the Maldives.


This hotel has two parts – the surface and underwater. Last implies residential rooms and restaurant, located below sea level.They are under the domes of strong glass, which allows us to consider the life of the underwater world in great detail, as if you yourself are part of it.


However, the staff at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel faced with the fact that not all customers who have purchased underwater rooms, kept life in them. A noticeable percentage of people caught up in the glass dome of his bedroom, start to panic and run out to the surface – rest in a five star hotel is not a remedy for the treatment of claustrophobia.


Ossian underwater restaurant in Dubai

The emergence and success at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel with underwater rooms gave rise to a new trend in the hotel industry of the Maldives. And, at the moment, in this state in the middle of the warm Indian Ocean can be found more than a dozen hotels with rooms and a restaurant located below the water level.


A five-star Atlantis Hotel in Dubai under the water is only a restaurant – he hotel building located on the famous artificial island in the form of a huge palm tree. Places to Eat called Ossian has exterior walls instead of thick glass, which was illuminated at night in the water swim marine life.


Underwater house in an amusement park Legoland Atlantis

Underwater hotels allow fans of extreme sports and beauty live under water for up to several days. It’s quite difficult from a psychological point of view, it is because there is no real underwater homes. The most approximate to that structure has a huge aquarium Sea Life in the German amusement park Legoland Atlantis.


This small house is located inside a giant aquarium with marine life, is one of the most popular attractions Legoland Atlantis.People can stay in it for a few minutes to get a better look beautiful fish, take pictures and go for a walk on.


And in 2010, the Australian scientist and marine researcher Lloyd Gadson as an experiment lived in this house for ten days. He spent 336 hours in a small underwater room sizes 2.5 to 1.6 meters, working, having fun, taking food and relaxing in front of the numerous visitors of the theme park Legoland Atlantis.

Xperia Aquatech Store – dive shop phones Sony

Some models of smartphones Xperia line from Sony are waterproof, they can be used even at a depth of several meters. This feature of their products manufacturer and decided to play, opening the world’s first underwater shop called Xperia Aquatech Store.


Xperia Aquatech Store located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in Dubai. This establishment is retailing at a depth of four meters below sea level, and therefore visit it can only diving behind.


True, Xperia Aquatech Store – it does not work regularly shop. It is only open for four days in December 2014. And it will be the only visitors are people who have won in a special lottery from Sony the right to go there, as well as some celebrities and VIPs Dubai.

Underwater Sculpture Park from Jason de Kayres Taylor

Sculptor named Jason de Kayres Taylor is considered one of the most extraordinary artists of the world. In this live creativity of the Englishman did not see too many people, several thousand – no more. The fact that numerous sculptures Taylor under water: to admire them, you need to go scuba diving to a depth of several meters.


In 2006, Jason de Kayres Taylor opened his first underwater sculpture park. It is situated in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Grenada. In 2009, another similar object forces the artist appeared under water near the city of Cancun in Mexico.


Each of these underwater park consists of several sculptural groups, dozens of individual sculptures, made of cement. At the same time art critics praise not only the unique location of the data fields of art, but also the work of Taylor as a whole.Sculptures Englishman carry soulful, deep meaning and have an unusual shape.


Underwater Park on the lake bottom Grüner See in Austria

Austrian Grüner See Lake (Green Lake) is one of the most unusual water bodies on the planet. Most of the year the depth of the lake is 1.2 meters, but within a few months of spring, this figure increases to 12 m. The fact that the melt water flowing down from the mountains, significantly raises the level of the lake, flooding large areas around it.


Under the water spring is also a park Trages town located on the banks of Grüner See. Lake at this time absorbs walking paths, benches, fences and even the few vegetation of the recreational facility.


During the spring season Trages and Lake Grüner See become the center of pilgrimage for divers who swim scuba diving on this unique underwater city park.

Underwater city of Ocean Spiral

In contrast to the above places, Ocean Spiral – it’s not a real underwater object, but only ambitious, seemingly quite fantastic project. But the authors of the Japanese construction company Shimizu promise to implement this initiative over the next fifteen years.


Ocean Spiral – a project of the underwater city which is located in a hollow sphere with a diagonal of five hundred meters. In the center of the object will be built a huge, half a kilometer skyscraper. It will be residential, office, hotel, shopping and entertainment area. Designed a set of living about five thousand people.



The upper part of Ocean Spiral will be held at the water surface and the bottom – standing on a giant spiral, resting in the bottom of the ocean. Sea level fluctuations will allow to produce most of the energy required to provide all the needs of the underwater city, due to squeezing and unclamping of the above spiral.


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