US Election 2012: Dunkirk picture gallery

1. Dunkirk is a small farming town in central Ohio, a swing state. This town of some 900 people, which leans 60-40 to the Republicans, faces many of the same issues that confront.

2. Oh My Grill is a small restaurant that Jill Jump, 45, and Vickie Frysinger, 57 are opening in Dunkirk.

3. Charlie Green, 73, and his granddaughter Catie, 13. He worked for 30 years at the Rockwell plant – an auto parts factory that employed many locals but closed in 2008.

4. Kevin Ridgeway, 49, owns and operates the “Razor’s Edge” barber shop on Main Street, where many of the men of Dunkirk gather on weekend mornings to get a trim and talk over the events of the week.

5. Pete Brunow, 54, a former high-school football coach who led the school to become the 2004 Division 6 state football champions.

6. Richard Walden, 56. runs Sheldon Gas, a small family-run company that distributes natural gas to customers in the Dunkirk area.

7. The Bridgeport Church, just outside Dunkirk. A small congregation of between 40-60 attend Sunday service at 10:30am.

8. Bob Powell of Bob’s Used Auto Center. He has had to be both a car salesman and a financier to help enable his customers to purchase vehicles.

9. Mayor Teresa Cramer (centre) holds a town council meeting. Mayor Cramer, a retired teacher, is trying to revive a sense of community.

10. The Rush family run the successful Dairy Dream fast food and icecream shop in the middle of Dunkirk. From left to right, Lydia, 13, Jeanne, 44, father Darrell and Colby, 21.