Valentine`s Day Perfect Gift for Your Other Half..

So its Valentine’s Day. Why not do something special for your other half ? For example, to send a letter or postcard. Right? check out, if you make it through the world’s smallest post office…

1. Tiny letters are large enough to fit those lovely three words , which someone really wants to hear on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine`s Day Perfect Gift.. (1)  2. Your message is written in small handwriting (even on a tiny table), and in such a hand, then it is sealed in an envelope of the size of a stamp, and in print the initials of sender will be written .  Valentine`s Day Perfect Gift.. (2)  3. And Don`t Worry! Your letter will not be lost among the other correspondence of normal size, it is placed in a semi-transparent envelope with a magnifying glass. Valentine`s Day Perfect Gift.. (3)  4. The world’s smallest postal service is managed by one person – Lea Redmond. At the post, you can also buy ribbons with the inscription “You are as sweet …” (please append) as well as with an ancient Chinese button. Valentine`s Day Perfect Gift.. (4)  5. That is the tiniest table, where your message will be written. Leah sells its services in the cafes and shops. Valentine`s Day Perfect Gift.. (5)  6. “This idea came to me quite by accident, and suddenly – she explains. – And I just could not implement it. I took a mini-table, put all the necessary tools in the basket on a bicycle and went to Oakland. I was very nervous, but then was pleasantly surprised when I found out that my idea is appreciated by many people. ”  Valentine`s Day Perfect Gift.. (6) 7. These valentines it will cost you $ 8, parcels – $ 10 plus shipping gifts .

Valentine`s Day Perfect Gift.. (7) 8. One can only hope that these letters do not get lost in the mail. These mini-valentines appeared for sale in some stores of board games .

Valentine`s Day Perfect Gift.. (8)