Vampire Tattoos from Tattoo Festival in Venezuela

The desire to decorating your body from time immemorial was inherent in man. In some cultures, tattooing was seen as a sacred rite, in others – as decorative art. Today, the world passes many festivals, where you can see the most “painted” people on our planet, one of the largest launched recently in Venezuela.



We often publish photo reports from festivals tattoos . Annually tattoo festivals in Singapore , Beijing and London. Caracas (Venezuela) – another city that for a few days a year is becoming a haven for tattoo freaks.


Venezuela Expo Tattoo Festival this year takes place from 29 January to 2 February. During these days the amazed spectators can see the brave, whose appearance has little resemblance to the human. In Caracas this year came Mary Jose Cristerna, famous female vampire from Mexico, and terrifying man with the nickname Red Skull, whose face is more like a skull.




In addition to tattoos, body piercings models are richly decorated. Another participant Venezuela Expo Tattoo – Kala Kaiwi, tattoo artist from Hawaii, who managed to stretch the earlobe without surgery to 109 mm. His record even got into the Guinness Book.


For participants of the festival meeting in Caracas – a great opportunity to talk with each other, share experiences, boasting “novelties” on the body, attend master classes and performances. Much, of course, shocked the inhabitants, because the endless pictures, earrings and implants alter these people beyond recognition. Although well-known fan of body art Johnny Depp once admitted: “I think that the body – is in some sense Diary”. Well, everyone decides what memories to keep in mind, and what – on the body.



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