Water, Sand and Skill : The Magnificent Sand Sculpture

Sand sculpture Ray Villafeyna affect not only the skill with which they were created, but also a variety of devil in hell and the birth of Jesus, a serious scholar and foolish bust, animals and people, small sculptures and huge. However, there is what unites all the work of the master – they are so detailed that it is difficult to believe that they are made ​​of ordinary sand.





For residents of Arizona Villafeyn Ray (Ray Villafane) is best known as carving master: his great pumpkinfor Halloween invariably come to the attention of the public. However, in 2008 he also began working with the sand, trying to literally “from scratch” to create whimsical sculptures of material in Italy. To his own surprise, it turned out not only to create a decent job, but also to capture the attention of the audience and other artists. Since then, Ray began to receive invitations from around the world to the festival of sand sculptures.





One of the large-scale work of Ray Vellafeyna called “The Divine Comedy: Inferno” , which depicts the devil troeliky with huge wings surrounded by suffering souls. This is an exceptionally high quality and impressive sculpture.

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