Wedding Dresses 2015: 10 of the hottest trends

When else can you try now princess, afford an abundance of glamorous jewelry and elaborate hairstyle with bright makeup? Only at the wedding! And if that happy event this year you only expect, I advise you to pay attention to these 10 hot trend among brides and 10 stunning wedding dresses, which are now at the height of fashion! The rest would recommend to just relax and reminisce. Or just a dream …

1. Dress with open back

Small bow, elegant lace and sexy open back – this dress by Mila Zwillinger on the undisputed favorite photos recently of this year. Option with open back – it’s all incredibly convenient, especially if you want to find something at the same time modest (to not upset my grandmother), elegant (Sending Greetings lace), it is a classic and sexy at the same time.


2. Elegant cutout in the upper chest

This elegant and romantic heart-shaped cut-out will stay with us for a long time. Particularly interesting option in the photograph – an interesting pattern or weave colors combined with an unusual neckline and mesh uppers.


3. Vintage dress

Do not be afraid to draw inspiration from your favorite eras – whether crinoline Jane Austen or feather in her hair as in the days of Gatsby. This girl is delighted with the 20’s and its a win-win vintage dress, tiara and red lips look not only appropriate, but simply awesome!


4. The wedding dress with a long skirt or train

It would seem, well, why is that? After all, terribly uncomfortable! But no, year after year the bride learn to walk again, trying not to get caught up in the long hem and a grand loop. Why? All because of the old signs, which states that the longer hem wedding dress, the longer the cohabitation of the spouses. And yet it is very beautiful.

So forget about the amenities, try not to fall into the church and look for a detachment of children who are ready to help with excessive length wedding dress. Maybe because of the trendy mini dresses and we have started a wave of rampant divorce? Urgently return to the origins and hem length! In addition, it is now terribly fashionable.


5. Dress with print

Who said that a wedding dress should be exclusively white? Recently flowers are involved not only in the bride’s bouquet, but also in the decoration of the dress – as delicate or bright prints.


6. richly embroidered dress from the 80s

Oh, how this trend bored fans of the 80s! This is great.


7. Dress with unusual texture

Down with the boring silk! As you are such a relief texture for a change? With it, even the usual white dress cut uncomplicated acquire an entirely different character.


8. Fluffy dress in the style of a ballerina

As an alternative to a heavy past princess stands this season easy, multi-layered dress made according to Example ballerina tutus.


9. Peach shades

Following the standard white stairs popular wedding dresses worth peach dress and accessories to match. Pop of color “pale peach” applies to everything, including shoes, bouquet and hair accessories.


10. Embroidery

Intricate dress Angelina Jolie definitely make three-dimensional embroidery on cloth binding wedding dress trend. Just look at how gentle, romantic and simply delicious it looks! Not a dress, and a small piece of art.


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