Weekday English criminal – (30 pics)

A series of photographs presented here Jocelin Bain Hogg (Jocelyn Bain Hogg) is called The Firm. Firm – is a large criminal group from the London East End. The pictures show a real British gangster.
In 2007, an exhibition of these works in Moscow. On its opening Hogg had brought one of the bandits and made a master-class on the topic: how to survive shooting mobsters.

Photos (1)
Glam Knuckles Dave Courtney
Photos (2)
Bruce Reynolds at the grave Rega Edge
Photos (3)
Again, the funeral. At this time, already familiar to us bury Rega edges. The church of St. Matthew's in Bethnal Green (London)
Photos (5)
VIP-room club Aquarium on Old Street (London)
Photos (6)
Mitch with his friends in a limousine.
Photos (7)
The party's birthday Mitch. Note the distinctive badge on the collar of brass knuckles in the form of Mitch.
Photos (8)
Charlie named Breaker (attacker) and the Bulldog. London
Photos (9)
Knock-out of debt.
Photos (10)
Give named Boxer. South Wales
Photos (11)
One of the guys playing with Barney the dog.
Photos (12)
Guys Barney - employees' branch "Firm in South Wales.
Photos (13)
Business talk Mickey in the bar.
Photos (14)
Mickey in the family.
Photos (15)
Chanel - daughter Mary - a gang of strong hands.
Photos (18)
Mickey Goldtooth (in jacket) and his friends watched "body painting" Phil. Tenerife (Canary Islands).
Photos (19)
Racy reputation Mickey Goldtooth (gold teeth) after brawl in north London.
Photos (20)
Bernie Lee, nicknamed Mr. Bullion (gold bar).
Photos (21)
Roy Shaw (left) with friends at a boxing show at Kensington Palace.
Photos (22)
Roy Shaw, nicknamed Pretty Boy (handsome). London
Photos (24)
Flanagan - Glamour model 70s and a long-standing friend of the guys from the Firm.
Photos (25)
This is not a professor at Oxford University, as it may seem at first glance, a hardened robber Bruce Reynolds.
Photos (27)
Private party in Mayfair (central London).
Photos (28)
Dave Courtney
Photos (29)
Gangster named Bulldog, and Dave Courtney in London's Bar Atlantic.
Photos (30)
Gangster Dave Courtney named Dodgy (cunning, resourceful) meeting with students at Oxford University. On the table you can see "an instrument of labor."
Photos (31)
Crime boss Joe Pyle
Photos (32)
At the funeral, Charlie in Bethnal Green.
Photos (33)
"Comrades" from Charlie the Church of St. Matthew's in Bethnal Green (London), where the funeral service was held Charlie.
Photos (34)
Reference Edge, temporarily released from prison for the funeral of his brother.
Photos (35)
Funeral crime boss Charlie edges in a suburb of London Chingford.