What Do I Call…Mom or Dad ?

Tash Ozimek was 16 years old, when her father John sat her down one evening and pointedly asked: ‘What is the most embarrassing thing I could ever do to you?’ She was stumped, because, like most of teenagers, she found all dads embarrassing.

What Do I Call...Mom or Dad? (1) So, after racking her brains for a few minutes, she flippantly replied: ‘Probably if you dressed up as a woman in front of all my friends.’ Tash’s joke was greeted by a long, awkward silence, broken only when her father started to explain, very gently, that this was exactly what he had in mind.

What Do I Call...Mom or Dad? (2)  He told his daughter that he’d always felt his true gender was female, that he was desperately unhappy as a man, and that he wanted to change s*x. Before he’d finished speaking, Tash, now 18, fled the room in tears. ‘It was pure shock,’ she says. ‘I remember crying for a very long time.’ What Do I Call...Mom or Dad? (3)


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