Who Loves Tango ? The Dance Of Passion

Passionate, sensual, the way of love and hate the way, the road to happiness and cry for Nesbit, it describes all the same unique dance – the tango. so tango lovers enjoy this….
1. There was a time when the dance was considered obscene and prohibited it in polite company. But now, the reputation of the tango in Argentina is flawless, although its a kind of tragic character: the memories of love and mourning for the loss.

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2. Tables remained empty on a rainy day at the club El Tango Belson, in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires, but the show goes on. Professional dancers Natalia Pastorino and Alejandro Niwas said: “In our country there are many reasons to be sad, but when you dance, you forget about everything except your partner and the music. Do you dance with your heart. ” ?

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3. The colorful sound of the bandoneon (a type of harmonics), introduced into tango music by European immigrants, with its own distinctive style of playing a familiar theme.

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4. Theme nights are not uncommon tango in Argentina. Divine melody giving new powers for body and soul sounds of “milongas” (tango – the club), where the lovers and friends dance with sharp turns and slides from the hip.

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5. Feelings pouring wine along with the Lo de Roberto, where locals gather to share the lessons of life through soulful songs.Early tango lyrics, written expressively “lanfardo” slang of Buenos Aires, the city reflects the themes of betrayal, poverty and suffering. But, sometimes in the melodies you can feel the sweet sound of tango music, uplifting holiday themes.

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6. In Buenos Aires, there is a famous studio Rudolfo Dinzela where everyone offering solace and training of so-called “tango therapy.” Such places are required to the city, where many have to eke out a living on the streets.

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7. Prominent tango singer Laura Bogado (in black), preening before the show, sitting next to a folk singer Nora Mendoza, during a break in the show at El Belson.


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8. Men smarten up in the toilet at the club tango before attempting to win the heart, or even dance.

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9. Street dancers perform in San Telmo, exposing private emotions on public display for the sake of theatricality, which should earn the donations of passersby. The number of tourists coming to Argentina from abroad has grown by 58 percent over the last decade, reaching three million in 2002. Sweet seductive tango – the main incentive for travelers to come to these disadvantaged areas.