Why You Should Experience These Bathroom At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Because they are cool and amazing.

Outside the window, snow, frost, and as always I want to sun, warmth and good cheer. And if in the bedroom and in the living room mostly manages to create a festive atmosphere pleasant, the bathrooms are often reigns dullness and monotony. Offer to pay attention to the three colors that will fill them with a warm and vibrant atmosphere.

Freshness turquoise




Turquoise – a wonderful color that is not only in winter refresh the bathroom, but also throughout the year will create a fresh and light atmosphere. He is undoubtedly the favorite because evokes memories of the sea, the beach and the sun, an unforgettable journey to exotic countries.



There is nothing that conveys the spirit of summer and the beauty of the sea style as turquoise. In recent years become a popular combination of it with orange. Together they look great, perfect for the role of saviors from winter depression.




Turquoise can be used in the bathroom several ways to select the desired tone and hue. This can be accent walls that accentuate the whiteness of a free-standing bath, turning it into a composite center. Turquoise can make even the ceiling. It all depends on taste and imagination.

Splash of orange



For bathrooms suitable not only various shades of blue. May prefer hotter tones. For those who want to create in the bathroom warm and cozy atmosphere excellent choice would be orange.



If before the designers considered quite risky as orange color, suitable only for emphasis, in recent years they have changed their minds. Now he hit of the season, especially for living in cold latitudes. There is a wide variety of shades of orange – High to calm, but all of them are able to change the image of the modern bathroom.




Rich glossy orange color will look great with neon trim, and yellow-orange – with a matte. This will be a magnificent backdrop, which would eclipse all attracting attention. But we should not forget about the vitality of harmony and tranquility.

Luxury pink



Bathroom in pink, of course, not everyone is suitable, but also categorically renounce this color is not necessary. He is quite capable of becoming one of the most popular choices for bathroom interior. The first association that occurs at the mention of pink – this interior is absolutely feminine and luscious. But there is a huge amount of its shades, which are able to create a neutral atmosphere.



Hot colors, such as fuchsia or cold pastel colors will transform the bathroom into a luxurious room, warming the cold winter evenings. To be effective, you should use pink as an accent in the form of towels, curtains or even furniture.

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