Wonderful 3D Street Delusions

There always comes a great interest in us whenever we heard of 3D whether it is a movie, a video, a cartoon or an image. All have the same impact on us. The artists know it very well and hence they are also busy in making new 3D images. The very common thing among all these images is the sensation that they create into our minds. We are therefore presenting some of the exceptionally beautiful paintings before you.

1) Cave Project –

This painting was made by the Slovenian artist Edgar Mueller. Can you dare to walk over it?


Wonderful 3D Street Delusions2) Brandon Trust Bridge –

This extremely delusional street art was made by  Bristol Street Advertising Services.
Wonderful 3D Street Delusions3) Jameson’s Cult Film Festival –

Please someone help him because the devils are coming. Made by Liverpool Street Advertising Services.
Wonderful 3D Street Delusions4) Rescue London –

This painting was named Rescue because the fire man’s are coming to rescue the people. This is made by the 46 years old Belgian artist Julian Beever.


Wonderful 3D Street Delusions5) Shelter box London –

Again the ad making agency of London is creating marvels.
Wonderful 3D Street Delusions6) Anti Aids Campaign –

This amazing 3D art was made by Manfred Stader.  This painting was made by him in the streets of Oslo.


Wonderful 3D Street Delusions7) Accident Building Site , Vienna –

Again a wonderful creation of Mr. Julian Beever. By the way somebody please protect him.


Wonderful 3D Street Delusions8)Lion’s Gate, China –

How can China be left behind here? So here is a massive 3D street painting which has a current Guinness record of  largest Street Painting.

Wonderful 3D Street Delusions9) Coca Cola

Again the 3D artist Julian Beever is playing with the human mind and eyes.


10) Escalator 3D art –

This girl is the first one to sit with such an ease on the escalators.


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