The whole world on the airship: fantasy vehicles and machines on the colorful canvases

Amazing ships, airships and airplanes – just one of the many topics in the paintings Lithuanian artist Modestas Malinauskas . However, these magical vehicles so unusual and colorful, that are definitely worth special attention.


Malinauskas-06 Malinauskas-08 Malinauskas-03

Modestas Malinauskas (Modestas Malinauskas) lives in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas, where he has a cozy studio, which he shares with his wife, known for its hand-made dolls. Rooms are filled with large colorful canvases painted with oil paints. Modestas like bright fantastic nature, and because even the mechanisms or the machine in his paintings look like part of the environment, implausible, but not without its special charm.

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