World’s Best Photographers Meals

The main task of any food-photographer is to make sure that everyone immediately want to eat the dish that is pictured. And the photographers who have mastered the art of inducing salivation and gastric juice are good, strong professionals. But only the best can look inside the product or meal and show him so admired not only the gastrointestinal tract, but also brain and heart.

armendariz1 photographers meal
1. Photographer Matt Armendariz. Los Angeles .

armendariz2 photographers meal
2. Matt Armendariz says of himself that he was “obsessed with food, drinks and everything in between.”

armendariz3 photographers meal
3. The famous food photographer working for the magazine Time, izdatelstkogo home Martha Stewart, a host of other periodicals and books, as well as for advertising.

armendariz4 photographers meal
4. He also writes a blog in which everyone learns to photograph the food.

armendariz5 photographers meal
5. Photographer Matt Armendariz. Los Angeles.

armendariz6 photographers meal
6. Photographer Matt Armendariz. Los Angeles.

armendariz7 photographers meal
7. Photographer Matt Armendariz. Los Angeles.

brady1 photographers meal
8. Photographer Bill Brady. New York.

brady2 photographers meal
9. Love the food, Bill woke up in my childhood, when the whole family gathered at a table on Sunday with his grandmother.

brady5+8 photographers meal
10. His art, his own words, it is possible to translate the love of food and the absolute joy that it brings in photos.

brady7 photographers meal
11. “My job – to seduce you, entice you to create a desire,” – said Bill Brady.

brady9 photographers meal
12. Brady works different balance of light, composition and subject.

helene1 photographers meal
13. Photographer Helen Dudzhardin. Charleston, South Carolina.

helene2 photographers meal
14. Helen – American of French origin.

helene3 photographers meal
15. In the U.S. moved in the late 90s with a degree in history, one suitcase and an old film camera.

helene41 photographers meal
16. Food declines in 2007, during this time has received several professional awards, pictures of her were published in numerous magazines, including Elle and Forbes, and three cookbooks.

helene51 photographers meal
17. In May this year she released her first book on the food-taking, which she called “Plates, in pixels.”

helene6 photographers meal
18. Professional passion Helen – natural light and seasonal fresh ingredients.

helene8 photographers meal
19. Photographer Helen Dudzhardin. Charleston, South Carolina.

lara1+2 photographers meal
20. Photographer Lara Ferroni. Seattle , Washington .

lara10 photographers meal
21. Lara Ferroni was not going to become a photographer, but once she photographed the house raspberry scones and she knew that was lost.

lara11 photographers meal
22. Lara has a tiny studio in Seattle, located in her home.

lara13 photographers meal
23. Most of it involves natural sunlight, which gives the photographs a sense of home and wonder.

lara7+9 photographers meal
24. Photographer Lara Ferroni. Seattle, Washington.

lara8 photographers meal

25. Photographer Lara Ferroni. Seattle, Washington.

lou1 photographers meal
26. Photographer Lou Manna. New York .

lou2 photographers meal
27. Food photographer with thirty years of experience, his work published in more than forty cookbooks, not to mention magazines and advertising.

lou3 photographers meal

28. For 15 years, Lou has worked in the New York Times, and in 1990 opened his own studio.

lou4 photographers meal

29. In addition to direct food photography, Lou busy education of junior colleagues, conducts master classes, workshops carries, and his book Digital Food Photography – the first in this area – is on sale now in its fourth edition.

lou5 photographers meal
30. Photographer Lou Manna. New York.

lou6 photographers meal
31. Photographer Lou Manna. New York.

lou7 photographers meal
32. Photographer Lou Manna. New York.

lou8 photographers meal
33. Photographer Lou Manna. New York.
ray1 photographers meal

1. Photographer Michael Ray. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ray2 photographers meal

2. Shining pictures, full of light, brought fame to Michael Ray across the United States.

ray3 photographers meal

3. Michael gives dramatic light and unique, even the most ordinary dishes, which he photographed in his studio trehsotmetrovoy in Pittsburgh.

ray4 photographers meal

4. Photographer Michael Ray.

ray5 photographers meal

5. Photographer Michael Ray.

ray6 photographers meal

6. Photographer Michael Ray.

ray7 photographers meal

7. Photographer Michael Ray.

ray8 photographers meal

8. Photographer Michael Ray.

ray9 photographers meal

9. Photographer Michael Ray.

penny1 photographers meal

10. Photographer Penny De Los Santos. Austin, Texas .

penny2 photographers meal

11. Penny began to photograph in order to understand their own cultural heritage and identity.

penny3 photographers meal

12. She photographed everything from men’s dining clubs in the Basque country to Jerusalem market, drove in 30 countries.

penny4 photographers meal

13. Pictures of Penny De Los Santos published a variety of publishers (eg National Geographic ), and refer to it for commercial work.

penny5 photographers meal

14. Penny lectures and holds a Master in the School of Visual Communication at Ohio State University.

penny6 photographers meal

15. Photographer Penny De Los Santos.

penny7 photographers meal
16. Photographer Penny De Los Santos.

penny8 photographers meal

17. Photographer Penny De Los Santos.

penny9 photographers meal

18. Photographer Penny De Los Santos.

souders1 photographers meal
19. Photographer Rick Suders. Colorado .

souders2 photographers meal
20. Rick Sudersa work can be seen in advertisements, magazines and books in 60 countries.

souders3 800x592 photographers meal
21. In 2003 he entered the Top 10 best food photographers of the world, in 2005, 2007 and 2010, was named photographer of drinks.

souders4 photographers meal
22. Rick travels the U.S. giving lectures on digital photography, filming food and beverage world, to launch his own studio and self-promotion.

souders5 photographers meal
23. His pictures are distinguished brightness and color saturation.

souders6+7 photographers meal
24. Photographer Rick Suders.

souders8 photographers meal
25. Photographer Rick Suders.

tonelli1 photographers meal

26. Photographer Francesco Tonelli. Italy .

tonelli10 photographers meal
27. Francesco – Italian gastronomic association certified chef who has worked in numerous restaurants and taught at the Culinary Institute of New York .

tonelli3 photographers meal
28. Throughout his career as chef Francesco will not part with his camera – his pictures very intimate, are a kind of perspective and demonstrate the mystery of food.

tonelli4 photographers meal
29. Tonelli photographed for many network agencies, multinational corporations and international publications.

tonelli6 photographers meal
30. Photographer Francesco Tonelli.

tonelli7 photographers meal
31. Photographer Francesco Tonelli.

tonelli8 photographers meal
32. Photographer Francesco Tonelli.

tonelli9 photographers meal
33. Photographer Francesco Tonelli.

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