Frozen Winter of 2012 ?

In 2012 sudden cold caught many by surprise. Eastern Europe – In Ukraine, more than 100 dead, while in Serbia, more than 11,000 were cut off from the world, trapped in a snow villages. Most of the dead – Many organizations stood up to protect the homeless and services in Russia and Poland. In Romania, the real chaos on the roads, and in Italy the lowest temperature was recorded for the last 27 years.

 1. Snowy landscape in Ruby, Spain. (Photo By Manu Fernandez)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (2)

2. The group of skiers on the background of the Church of Wendelstein, near the German spa town of Bayrischzell. (By Lukas Barth )Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (3)

3. Homeless in Warsaw emerges from an underground heating channel, where he lives during the winter. (By Janek Skarzynski)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (4)

4. Homeless people gathered in the underground heating channel in Warsaw. (By Janek Skarzynski)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (5)

5. Homeless Anna Svrtsinova on an abandoned industrial site in Prague. (By Petr David Josek)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (6)

6. Homeless people eating and drinking hot tea in one of the new shelters in Lviv. (By Yuriy Dyachyshyn)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (7)

7. Homeless in Moscow during a charity dinner, which was given them by the Russian Orthodox Church. (By Alexander Zemlianichenko)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (8)

8. A woman resting in a shelter in Belgrade. (By Marko Drobnjakovic)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (9)

9. People are going to a remote Bosnian village littered with snow. Provisions found themselves people trapped in a snow had to deliver by air. (By Radul Radovanovic )Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (10)

10. 55-year-old Emin Hotovich in his remote village in Bosnia Khotan, carries 25-pound sack of flour and other products. (By Amel Emric )Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (11)

11. A woman carries firewood in Bucharest. (By Bogdan Cristel )Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (12)

12. A man engaged in physical activity for 20-degree frost in a Moscow park. (By Mikhail Metzel)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (13)

12. People walking at the frozen Black Sea near the ice-covered dam in Constanta, Romania. (By Daniel Mihailescu)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (14)

14. The operators are dragging their equipment on the field after a match between the Italian football league, “Parma” and “Juventus” canceled due to bad weather, in Parma. (By Alessandro Garofalo)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (15)

15. The deer are running on snow-covered field near the village Mileykovo, Belarus. (By Sergei Grits )Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (16)

16. Stray dog ​​sleeping in the snow in Bucharest. (By Radu Sigheti )Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (17)

17. Pug walking along the street in winter clothes in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. (By Martin Meissner)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (18)

18. Gull in Istanbul, where snow and frosts have paralyzed the life and the streets. Cold weather in the east closed several highways.Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (19)

19. The rider in the village Vraptse in Serbia. (By Sasa Djordjevic)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (20)

20. Horses pulling a cart on the snowy road to Klosters-Monbil, Switzerland. (By Arno Balzarini)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (21)

21. A man walks with the dog on the banks of the Neris River in Vilnius. (By Mindaugas Kulbis)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (22)

22. A man walks past a frozen window in Pristina, Kosovo. (By Visar Kryeziu )Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (23)

23. A man  in a strong wind in the Ronsesvalese, Spain. (By Alvaro Barrientos)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (24)

24. Boys playing football on the frozen pond in Prague. (By David W Cerny)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (25)

25. Young people playing hockey on a frozen pond in Brno, Czech Republic. (By Petr David Josek )Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (26)

26. Tubes factory in the haze in Minsk, where the temperature was 1 degree Celsius. (By Sergei Grits )Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (27)

27. The boat at dawn, in Sebastopol. (By Andrew Lubimov)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (28)

28. A small boat to the lighthouse Harmayya sneaks off the coast of Helsinki. (By Martti Kainulainen)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (29)

29. Frost decorated window in the house Godevarsvelde, France. (By Philippe Huguen)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (30)

30. The Orthodox Church in Kiev. (By Efrem Lukatsky)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (31)

31. Bus near the village of Sliznevo in Krasnoyarsk. (By Ilya Naymushin )Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (32)

32. Frosty day in Istanbul. Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (33)

33. A policeman tries to open the frozen door of his car in Afumati, Romania. (By Bogdan Cristel)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (34)

34. The first of February in Kiev. On this day, the temperature in the Ukrainian capital fell below minus 20. (By Sergei Supinsky)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (35)

35. A fisherman tries to keep warm in a tent on the frozen Dnieper River, near Cherkassy. (By Efrem Lukatsky)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (36)

36. Even in such cold, people are able to think positively: snowman on the hood of a car in Nice, France. (By Valery Hache) Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (37)

37. On the streets of Kiev thousands of all trying to keep warm. (Sergei Chuzavkov)Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (38)

38. Ice “beard” of the gargoyles on the fountain in Zurich. (Alessandro Della Bella )Frozen Winter of 2012 ? (39)

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