WTF Moments of March 24, 2015

Kayakers chilling on the edge of Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls Kayakers

A gift from my wife of 6 years (candy anniversary).

Edible Anus Chocolates

Whatever it is, it’s good for a year and its expensive.

Miscellaneous Meat

Good to know..

Drugs Next Door, Not Here!

Abandon all hope..

Abandon all hope Tattoo

Best Nanny cam ever.

Best Nanny cam ever

What happens when a mouse is put in Mountain Dew for 30+ days?

Ambulance in India. I don’t even want to know..

Shit Ambulance

Interesting gift shop find

Raccoon Penis

That snake’s ass is grass.

Bale of Snake

My younger cousin posted this vest, he’s been working on his profile.

Working on his image

I never thought a unicorn could give me nightmares.

The Unicorn of Nightmares


Mondays Car Crash

I was framed, It must have been some other dude with a pentagram on his forehead and a polka dot bow-tie tattooed on his throat.

Polka-dot Bowtie Tattoo

I hope that’s just an oddly shaped bed sheet.

Bed Sheet or Underwear?

WTF are you doing horse?

Meanwhile in Saint Kitts…

Monkey Ridding A Horse

Never knew that’s what “swag” stood for.


An Elk taking a shower in its own pee..

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